Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh Baby!

It's star wars day. {may the fourth be with you}

Do you remember what that means?
I'll tell you, cause you don't. It's my "due date"!

But....since I gave birth last week, it doesn't really mean much.

Elijah was born big and red. My largest baby at 8lbs 9oz. Sweet, sweet, sweet red hair.

I was slap-bang exhausted from his delivery (which is to say there wasn't anyone commenting that I didn't look like I'd just had a baby this time around), but so relieved that it was over and so glad to get to snuggle with my sweet boy.

It's a joy to be typing one-handed because of the bundle of preciousness sleeping on my chest.

SO THANKFUL FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS here who've helped with the girls and brought meals while I recuperate. What a blessing!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I've been tired today. Exhausted, really. When I would attempt chores, I would end up sitting there in the middle of the girls' room almost unable to move with fatigue...except to say, "I'm so tired."
But thank Heaven for naps. And Curious George. If Curious George wasn't involved there wouldn't be any nap for me.

Guess who is getting nigh to 37 weeks?!? You're right!
It's always a relief to get to that full(ish) term stage. For some reason, the weeks between 24-36 are more nerve-wracking because you're going to have to spend time in the hospital, and that's scary for me. But to get into the free-and-clear, gearing up to have the baby phase - that's a welcomed thing.

This afternoon we packed the girls' overnight bag.
Whoa, We're really getting there.

Baby Brother has taken after his sisters in positioning, with his head sitting in my right hip. Before Adele was born, I'd been visiting the chiropractor and she told about how my pelvis was tilted, probably from having crossed my legs so much for so I gave it up. Difficult to do, I'll tell you. That pelvis was more comfortable at a tilt, even with adjustments, and it took me a while to get out of the habit all together, but I did. Now I sit squarely, maybe with my ankles crossed. After two years of having made that adjustment, I was really hoping this baby wouldn't get into that same position, but alas, he has. Thankfully, a visit to the chiropractor and the Webster maneuver do the job, and I've been spared c-sections. I think brother made a move this afternoon, though I'm not certain, but if he hasn't we'll be seeing our chiro next week and get this boy positioned for delivery.

For some reason, everyone thinks I'll go early - I guess I look ready to pop -and I guess I've started believing them. I usually get a pedicure at 38 weeks (it's the only time I allow myself that luxury), but I've been getting a little antsy to get to the nail salon because I don't want to miss my window of opportunity. Time will tell, won't it?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sentiment in pictures

In efforts to free up some memory on our SD card, I've been moving videos from there to the computer, and in the process going through each and giving them a real name rather than GD231.jpg (or something similarly unhelpful).
The videos on this particular card dated from 2013...when Hattie was the very same age as Adele is now. {SIGH}. Oh boy do those girls favor, and their sweet two year old mannerisms are so similar. And then there were plenty of newborn videos, and those make my mama's heart melt too. Only 5-ish more weeks until we're there again with a sweet, itty bitty baby.
There were videos with Emery's mama, and family beach days, happy little nothing-special happening videos.

Sometimes I get aggravated with the amount of pictures I feel like I ought to be taking, and also with taking videos because they use up so much memory, but MY memory is so feeble that I'm thankful to be reminded how precious these little bits of our history are. I may have taken less than a dozen pictures this year, but at least with a few gigabytes freed up, I won't be running into the "full memory card" problem when I do happen to get the camera out.

And here's a sweet TBT, of newborn Adele...little brother will probably be looking pretty similar, except dressed in blue. Soon! Yay!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sad Reality

In the midst of all this gorgeous, open-window weather, Adele has stumbled upon being very nearly two years old.
Thoroughly two years old. Are you catching my drift?

{Terrible Twos. Sigh}

I kind of hate to call it that. But at the same time, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and relate. It is a terrible, awful phase...but when Hattie was asking why Adele was screaming, I just had to tell her that all babies have to go through a "hard time" like this before they become big kids, and that she went through it too when she was two.
It was a little hard for her to understand why Adele wouldn't just calm down and stop screaming and play with her.

And me? I kept thinking, "The windows are open. The neighbors can hear this baby screaming for 20+ minutes. CPS will be knocking soon."
The only available solution was to move her screaming fit to the bathroom. And there we sat, until the storm passed.

It's always a little discouraging when little babies hit 9-12 months and begin the rebellion...and now here we are again, a little older, a new phase - the same sin problem.

The same sin problem that's been plaguing humanity since the fall of Adam.

Thankfully, there's grace. Grace for temper tantrums. Grace for rebellion. Grace for anger and pride. Grace for all the moments that we're completely unloveable, but God never lets go.

Lord, help me to show Adele the Father's love through this hard season...and please let her pass through this phase all the way before a have a new baby to take care of too.

Friday, March 13, 2015

MARCHing On. {assorted thoughts in no particular order}

-Somehow it's nearly the middle of March.
We had a rather chilly & dismal February, but thus far, March has been pleasantly filled with warm, open-window weather. It's thoroughly refreshing to have fresh air wafting through the house. 

-The last few days, I've been reading a 1924 edition of a high school grammar text book to Adele during nap-time. Not surprisingly, this reading puts her to sleep wonderfully, but what is surprising is the engaging way it's written. I like reading it to her, and I'm challenged to improve my own writing and speaking. I don't recall any of my text books being written with such style, especially grammar/writing. 

-Freshly cleaned floors make such a difference in my mental outlook. This may be partly due to the fact that you have to have everything picked up before you can clean the floor, so that you reap the benefit of it being both clean and tidy.

-Adele enjoys playing with babies. I had let the girls have our infant tub in their room with the intention that they pretend to bathe their dolls. This week, however, we've had two sopping wet teddy bears emerge from their room. I've reclaimed that tub now.
I gave it a good scrubbing; after it dries, it will be put out of sight (out of mind!). I don't want any more teddies getting baths.

-I've told you before, I've got a prize-winning husband. My sweet man painted our dining table for me last weekend. Bright blue! It's the happiest table now. Five years ago, we stained the table; the years have been kind of hard on the thing so that it was looking rather shabby, but you wouldn't know that now! The chairs are a lighter shade of blue. It'll be just peachy when he gets it all finished up. I love that fellow. To top it off, he picked some daffodils me because I'd been yearning for a little dash of yellow to complete the scene.

-Eight weeks till baby! I can't decide if that's a dreadfully long time or if it'll fly.

-Two little girls around here will be having birthdays in that eight weeks time (one maybe directly after), making preparations for those will help the time pass more quickly, I'm sure. As the due date is so close to Hattie's birthday, I'm hoping to have her cake made ahead of time and frozen, as well as some cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast...I certainly want her to feel like she's had a special birthday, even if I have to be in bed with a newborn at the time. And should I still happen to be pregnant for her birthday, then at least there will be a few things I won't have to worry about while at my very biggest stage.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm sorry I'm not a more regular blogger during this season of life. Most likely, there won't be any improvement in that for a good long while, or at least, I can't imagine another baby in the mix making it any easier to be a faithful blogger.
I hope your March is filled with the wonder and joy of watching nature awaken once again, it delights me every time I see some new tree or bush blooming and bringing beauty to the landscaping that's slowly becoming green again.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shoulda, coulda...

It's one of those fateful situations when I KNOW I should be down doing chores, but alas and alack, I haven't the motivation.
I'd rather sit with my girls whilst they watch "The Little Princess" (Shirley Temple version, of course), and avoid the inevitable.

We made great strides in the getting-ready-for-baby department today. Our stores of paper towels and toilet paper and napkins are indefatigable...or you know, for a few months anyway. Emery had took the van and had it washed and vacuumed. {Hallelujah, no more beach sand! It's only been plaguing us since September.} And the car seats are all arranged nicely for so-to-be three child seats filling up the back.
These are very good things.

Emery's off at a men's meeting at church, and I suppose we'll feast on leftovers from lunch. Isn't it funny how when the daddys aren't home for dinner, there's suddenly no need to make a real dinner at all and just any old thing will do. I - for one - don't mind this fact of life at all, but I am glad that most of the time Emery IS here to have supper with us. It's so nice to be all cozy together over our evening meal.

Smiles from today:
-Hattie singing Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Oh! Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.... (again and again and again and again). I could keep from busting out laughing as I was singing with her and her energetic, "Oh!" starting the next verse kept cracking me up. 
-Sweet husband, delighting in buying things for his girls that make us happy - just because. 
-Adele playing with duplo; she's very persistent in getting the pieces together. In our house, it's called "Dupelo" ... cause we lived in Mississippi, I guess. 
-A bouquet of purple clovers, when admired very closely, are positively breath-taking.  They're adorning Hattie's bedroom windowsill. 

The feeling of joy begins in the action of thanksgiving. 
(quoted imperfectly, from Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A month later...

I don't love going a whole month or more between posts here on my corner on the interweb.
But, at the same time, there's life to be lived....and I don't always want to take time out of real life to document and save the memories - though I should because I have pretty much no memory in and of myself at this stage of life.
Speaking of, I'm 30 weeks into this pregnancy! Woot! If you ask people around me, they'll tell you I have a basketball inside of me - so you can use your imagination to what that looks like (because I think I've taken zero pictures with a real camera this year, and virtually zero of my pregnant self this time around).
I drank my first cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea this morning. Which was both exciting and daunting. I haven't cared for the stuff much in the past, and wasn't particularly looking forward to starting the regimen, but to my delight, it tasted palatable, and I think I shall be able to bear up for the next ten-ish weeks with it.

Last week, I had a big spurt of energy and cleaned my whole house and was feeling generally groovy. However, this week I've been dragging around like I overdid it extremely - and it's been a little discouraging. But such is life with small children and big belly.

Adele's birthday is coming up next month. I can't believe she's going to be two! A very small part of me wants to tell time to slow down, but the large part of me is saying, "Come on spring! come on baby boy!"
I got my crafty on in the last few weeks and made him a sweet little mobile. I enjoyed making Adele a mobile when I was expecting her - especially as she'd be using pretty much all of Hattie's hand-me-downs. And I loved pouring love into every stitch of Baby Boy's mobile, and matching pillow since I had a bit of fabric left over. I don't have a sewing machine, nor do I really like to sew -  and thus, I'm not all that great at it....but my imperfect efforts satisfied my need to make something just for him. And that makes me happy.

March is coming. February has been thoroughly winter, in spite of my longings for flowers and greening grass. Here's to a new month coming up quickly, and spring, and baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I get the emails.
Every Monday.
(I wouldn't have any idea how far along I am, if it weren't for these things.)
You're ___ weeks pregnant! ___ weeks to go!

This week: 25 weeks along, 15 to go.
Say what?

15 weeks sounds like no time at all.
It's the kind of number that makes me think, "I'd better get my act together and get ready for this baby! Today."
Actually, ever since 17 weeks to go popped up, I've been on a little higher alert at how much time until Baby arrives.

.....but then I get comments to the effect of, "Are you going to make it till May?!?" and I think to myself that I have three more months to get bigger. And then time slows back down to it's normal pace, and I keep doing my daily motherhood thing: eating my protein and drinking my water and taking a handful of supplements, and mostly taking care of home and family.

My little Hattie is a planner. Sometimes an anxiety riddled planner. We've been having the conversation frequently how we just have to live each day as it comes, and not worry about what might happen down the road because it doesn't help anyone to worry. Accordingly, living each day the best I can, as it comes, is pretty high on the priority list.
And if it weren't for those dog-gone "__weeks to go!" - I'd do a better job of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small thoughts.

{Small thoughts. Crammed together.}

A couple of weeks ago, I made chicken and dumplings for the very first time. I know, I'm Primitive Baptist and I'm from the south, and I hadn't been making them every week since I was born? Well, no. I think I helped make them once - mostly cutting the dough - but never on my own. As is such, I'd never attempted a gluten and dairy free version. Well, they turned out stellar. The only rub was that my rolled out and cut dumplings wouldn't come off the wax paper, and I ended up having ball shaped dumplings, rather than neat rectangles. So be it. It was comfort in a bowl.
I'm making another attempt today. I don't have quite as high of hopes because I forgot to look back at the recipes before I started, and forgot a few steps. [Pregnancy brain is in full swing!] Oh well, here's to comfort in a bowl, regardless of whether it's perfectly perfect.

Can anyone please tell me why a freshly mopped floor has such a magnetism to spills? I mean, really. There have been an excessive number of drips and drops splattered on my clean floor. I guess floors are there to be walked on and spilled on and cleaned up again.

My girls think Curious George is hilare.
And we've watched it everyday is this week. It's hard for me to resist that, "Just one more, mama?" I give in almost every time.

Do you know how glad I am for taste buds? Food has been tasting especially good here lately. Chai tea latte, grapefruit, chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, please! All of them. {I have had all of them, in fact, not at the same time, thankfully.}

I've been watching the internet everyday lately just waiting for the winter coats and boots to be marked down into the realm of my budget. I think I'm blaming this on the baby too because Hattie's coat will probably still fit next winter, and Adele has all her hand-me-downs, and it isn't that imperative, but it FEELS like it is.
Funny how that happens.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 2015

Is it really 2015?

Such a year still sounds like a part of a sci-fi title. Except, no one lives on the moon or permanently in space or other things that folks were Sure we'd be doing by now.
I'm glad to still live on earth. The atmosphere is pleasant here.

We've had a busy few weeks in our corner of the world. In a nutshell, it's been stomach viruses punctuated by holidays.
I was sick. Christmas. Hattie got sick. New Year's Eve. Adele gets sick.
But in the midst of those, Emery and I took a weekend trip to Charleston sans children. !!!!! This was the very first time we'd left the littles for the night. Hip Hip Hooray for living near family, and for grandparents keeping the girls and knowing they were well cared for, even if Hattie did start throwing up after we left.
Thankfully, she only threw up three times and then felt better. And also thankfully, I didn't know she was ill before we left or I wouldn't have gone....and if we didn't go then, it probably would have been 18 more months after little brother is born before we'd get around to really thinking about taking another trip by ourselves.
We did have a nice trip. Charleston is lovely.

We spent our New Year's Day cleaning up and sprucing up around the house. Getting the Christmas decorations put away and pulling out our everyday mantle decorations made it feel homey around here...except for that time between having Christmas stuff boxed up and having the other decorations up when it looks forlorn and barren. When Hattie saw our mantle toward the end of the afternoon, she said it looked like our Brandon house and that she liked it. And that made me smile.
I'm afraid all the cleaning made me feel like nesting, and I pulled out the baby stuff to move it up from the basement. And I dug through a huge tote of infant clothes for half a dozen items that would be useful for a boy. And I enjoyed it. Nesting is a delightful expense of energy.
The girls having been playing 'baby' more than ever lately too. Especially Adele. With some receiving blankets and a couple of bottles, they've been in heaven...add in the baby tub and little stroller, what more could they want? :)
Sweet girls.

They also both got their hair cut this week. Sadly it seems what I cut was a large portion of their baby curls. Hattie's hair has been very straight this week, which makes her look grown up and that makes me sad. And Adele also has much straighter hair, but with still a little curl on the end that eases my pain a little.