Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nighttime Parenting and a flurry of posts on the first day

When I fill up a journal and have to start a new one, I always get a little nervous, because, I mean, what if my hand-writing on the first entry is sloppy and then I would be plagued by a sloppy beginning every time I opened the journal for the duration of it's use. How miserable. Sometimes I just skip the first page altogether (that's a little wimpy, isn't it?), but nevertheless I want to begin well, and when it comes to a new blog, I don't want to leave my inaugural post to shiver in the cold by itself. So, I'm working on getting enough of a start for all to keep cozy and warm together. : )

I mentioned earlier that I didn't sleep much last night. (I think that might be an understatement.) Which brings me to the enormous controversy over nighttime parenting. I know. I never imagined how passionate (vicious?) people can be on this subject.  In mine and Emery's family alone, we have both staunch opposition to co-sleeping and those who have kept their children in the family bed for years. For me, it's entirely worth it not to broach the subject in conversation. I believe each family will figure out what works best for them, even if what works best isn't exactly working at the moment. That's where I am. That's why we got very little sleep last night. Maybe it's teething, maybe it's a whole number of things, but maybe (assuredly!) Hattie will sleep and sleep well when she's 8 or 10.....and I'd  like to say by then I'll be getting great sleep every night, but hopefully Hattie will have a few more siblings that might keep me up. And you know what? It's so worth it! So worth it.

I look at little Hattie and am amazed daily by her curiosity and strength and laughter (and her willingness to have curry with us!). It blows me away to think of how our culture views children as a burden; they are truly our greatest blessing,  I'm not sure I knew joy until I had a child and felt my heart full to overflowing for that helpless infant. I know few things for certain, but I know: 1) the bible is always right, 2) children are an heritage of the Lord - just like it says.

Gluten Free Lasagna

With the popularity of gluten free specialty foods lately, it's no surprise that you can purchase many kinds of GF pastas (rice, corn, quinoa etc)...the catch is that they're Pricey. Yesterday, I halfway thought about going by Whole Foods for some GF lasagna noodles, but I really didn't want to make another stop - so I didn't.

But we did have lasagna for dinner! I substituted corn tortillas for the noodles and it turned great. I'm not in love with the taste of corn tortillas, but the flavor of them only came through at the edges where I didn't have quite enough sauce.

I really enjoyed not having to cook anything but the sauce before putting it together, and also that you can buy corn tortillas for very cheap. Like 30-50 for a buck? give or take a little.

 I thought about taking a picture (and I did actually), but lasagna - esp leftover lasagna - um, it doesn't look like much. So, I'll spare you the picture and leave you with some cuties of Hattie (and Emery too).  

As for Me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Emery, Hattie, and I finished reading in Joshua last night and moved on to Judges. I'd imagine the best known verse in the entire book of Joshua would have to be "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD".....of course, Israel doesn't exactly hold to this over the generations, but I'm thankful for the LORD's mercies that are new every morning, and every morning we have a fresh opportunity to devote our lives wholly unto the Lord (again). Because, I like Israel, fall away again and again and again, and I have to cleave to the verse in Malachi (I think), "I Am the Lord, I change not, therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed." I'm thankful for an unchanging God, when I am SOOO changable.

Well, there you have it plain and raw. I am a sinner. Saved by the grace of God. A sinner and now and the author of a blog. So welcome. : )

I had a blog once before, in college, but for reasons I do not still remember, I deleted it. I'm excited for this fresh start. I'm excited to share tidbits from our somewhat mundane and often hilarious life in the Sayre family.

Hattie is ten months old. Scooting around the house and chewing on everything. Emery is hard a work. And I......I am admittedly hiding from a HUGE cockroach that is on the ceiling. It's 2.5'' long, ugly as can be, and I'm just certain that if I try to kill it, it will fall into my hair and attack me and possibly lie eggs on my head. And that's not a risk I'm willing to take. I didn't get enough sleep last night to be wiling to duel with a cockroach. To top it off, it really is either laying eggs or leaving brown sludge marks on my ceiling. Eck. I glare at it every time I have to pass by, and try to reassure myself that it still being in the same place for several hours is proof enough that it probably has ingested some poison (but not enough to kill it!!). I'm trying to remain calm. It's going to be a long day. Pray for me.