Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gluten Free Lasagna

With the popularity of gluten free specialty foods lately, it's no surprise that you can purchase many kinds of GF pastas (rice, corn, quinoa etc)...the catch is that they're Pricey. Yesterday, I halfway thought about going by Whole Foods for some GF lasagna noodles, but I really didn't want to make another stop - so I didn't.

But we did have lasagna for dinner! I substituted corn tortillas for the noodles and it turned great. I'm not in love with the taste of corn tortillas, but the flavor of them only came through at the edges where I didn't have quite enough sauce.

I really enjoyed not having to cook anything but the sauce before putting it together, and also that you can buy corn tortillas for very cheap. Like 30-50 for a buck? give or take a little.

 I thought about taking a picture (and I did actually), but lasagna - esp leftover lasagna - um, it doesn't look like much. So, I'll spare you the picture and leave you with some cuties of Hattie (and Emery too).  

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