Monday, March 5, 2012


What's your favorite part of visiting a new park? The scenic views? Picnic tables in the shade? Cleanliness and the lack of bees? Mine is the playground. I love new, unexplored playgrounds. I love to see where each bridge leads, and find the ladders and the tunnels, and unearth the slightly hidden treasures of the jungle-gym. Now, Hattie's favorites are the slides (ridden with me, of course), but I'm sure that will change as she learns to walk and enjoy the wonderment that is: the playground.

There's isn't much 'unexplored' territory these days. Old Columbus and DeSoto and all the other explorers of centuries past, they had the pleasure of venturing to uncharted lands - uncharted to them anyway.....but I don't crave that much glory. I'm very content to peek into the nooks of playgrounds and ride around the countryside with my darling husband just to see what we can see.

As children, I think the most important part of a trip is the getting there (are we there YET???), but I savor the getting there. Interstates and flights do make travel more efficient, but the you can't capture the character of a town while sailing by at 70mph. The best you can do is imagine based on the exit names. In Alabama, there are two towns, one is named Gu-in and the other Guin. I've been to either because the highway is a good distance from both, and so we're left to ponder the fued that must have taken place years ago that divided asunder these towns. What intrigue. And probably, I'll never know the truth.

Airplane travel, with all the stress of security, does have the benefit of people watching. Do you know what the downside is of people watching? It's incredibly rude to actually laugh at the subjects of your observation....though I often want to, badly. Thus, you have to bring along some required reading, not for reading unless you find yourself in solitude, but for laughing behind so you don't incur the wrath of someone that you might have to sit beside for hours on end.

We'll be taking a trip soon, and though I'm excited about it, I'm also nervous. Security-induced nerves, and making sure every thing is proper to the tee, and getting through it all with Hattie on my hip to boot. I probably won't have time for any extra observation (you know, just enough to make sure Hattie doesn't stick her finger in a socket or chew on someone else's luggage), but the thrill of watching her during her first take off and landing, and having sweet friends and family to welcome us at our destination...ah, it's worth it. Besides, we change planes in Atlanta, and I'm sure to have some good stories from our layover there!!