Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hear ye, Hear ye

It's officially flip-flop weather in Memphis. So go ahead pull 'em out. Last year, I lived in my flippers - as I affectionately call them - but, last year I was also pregnant and I suppose that was as close to being barefoot as I could get (what's that saying about being barefoot and pregnant?).

I recommend breaking your feet in gradually if you, like me, find your feet not nearly so tough and ready to battle the elements as they were last September. A few walks around the block in increasing increments should do the trick.

Did you know I usually walk holes through my 'flippers'...yes, they're THAT trusty and dependable. I suppose I should note that I rarely buy the entirely rubber ones. Those would be difficult to walk holes through; I like the ones with fairly thin soles and cloth, but don't worry, I throw them away when I can really feel the rocks poking my feet.


  1. Here in sunny Florida, it's "flipper" weather almost all year round! Of course, if you have crazy feet like me, you get to sport flip-flops that look like they're made for 80-year-old women!