Monday, March 19, 2012

Infectious Diseases

We all know that nasty cold/flu is still going around, and several folks have had pneumonia recently, and the children had hand, foot, and mouth in the winter, but y'all, we've really got to bump up the hand washing because the baby train has started at Grace Chapel -- and you know it will make it's rounds.

Three families have announced their pregnancies this month, and I fully expect a few more to jump on board soon.

 Medically, of course, pregnancy isn't contagious, but it sure seems like it. And I like babies. I like the full cry-room...though I always hope my baby will manage to sleep through the sermon so I can hear it without distraction.

I can't say if the Sayre family will have any happy news to announce concerning the baby train, but I hope so. Hattie needs a sibling. : )

I'm thankful the LORD orders our families perfectly, and He knows just when to 'increase our borders'. It's beautiful to rest in His sovereignty.


  1. So you're trying to limit your hand washing? ;)

    1. haha, well, I may have been seen rubbing elbows....