Monday, March 5, 2012

That cooked over a flame taste

There are pros and cons to living in a townhouse. On the plus side we can save on our energy bill since the neighbors have the heat/ac on too. We also hear their thumpin' afternoon music. And apparently my neighbors are grilling out today because the grill smell is filling up my living room in a hurry. Now, I'm a pretty observant neighbor, and I know their grandparents and/or other family are in town, so they've got a reason to party if they want to....but the grill smell, it's getting to me.

My man Emery loves him some cooked over a flame burgers. He'll go to Burger King for the taste of the flame, regardless of how delicious (or not) the burger itself is. I think the flame grilled smell might be strong enough in my house to just make burgers in the stove and pretend they were cooked outside. It might work.

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