Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things that go bump in the night

My family goes to bed early. Emery and Hattie don't have much problem settling in and going to sleep. I, on the other hand, have to work to get to sleep and it takes me a couple of hours to succeed. My brain feels fresh and clear in the later evening, and it's difficult to get all my thoughts about the day and the day to come processed enough to settle and rest.

Last night I was dreaming up a storm. Emery was cooking up something in a frying pan, and birds of all types were drawn in at the smell...eagles, ravens, vultures, even penguins. About the time one of the penguins did a little dance, a noise jolted me awake. It was a bump. A thud. And obviously in our room. It was probably something precariously placed and shifted or fell, and I wasn't overly concerned. I drifted back to sleep, and a few minutes later. BAM. That same stinking noise! ARG. I looked around the room trying to figure out it's source. I woke up enough to figure out that it was 11:30, and most likely Emery had kicked our carry-on bag at the foot of the bed that I'd been packing earlier in the day. He was sleeping soundly, completely unaware. Not me. All the way awake. I kind of wanted to wake him up to see if he had heard it too, and ask what he thought it was, but clearly he didn't hear it, so there wasn't any use.

I'm thankful my husband can sleep through jolting noises that go bump in the night and Hattie's occasional wails. He has to get up the earliest of us all, and I do want him to rest well.

I did manage to squeeze in a few hours last night. But suffice it to say, my dear coffee cup was much loved this morning.

Also, Hattie laughed in her sleep during her morning nap, and thoroughly melted my heart. Those kind of moments make up for when she's such a stinker, and I love her.


  1. I am such a light sleeper and Chris is not. One night he slept through Grandma getting up, breaking a lamp, me vacuuming, and putting her back to bed. All at 3 AM. There are occasional nights when I can sleep through just about anything, but not all that often! Maybe the lack of sleep last night will make for a good night tonight!

    1. Oh wow! I would hope a broken lamp and vacuum would wake Emery, but who knows? :)