Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zephyrs of Change

Last night, none of us rested well.

The zephyrs of change blew in sleepless excitement.

That phrase was crafted somewhere in the midst of my sleeplessness.

Like the night before a big road trip, or for children, the night before Christmas, those are the nights that you can't possibly turn your brain off for all the details that keep rising before you. For the traveler, the phone charger and toothbrush, checking the oil and tire pressure, and wondering about the weather make for little sleep; and the child alike dreaming up what might fill his stocking or whose is the largest gift under the tree...the poor dear can't help but knock on his parents' door at 3am to see if it's time to get up yet.

So it was with our family. Today isn't exactly special, but it's the potential of special on the horizon. Emery's a pro at thinking through the big details, and I tackle the smaller ones (though that's mostly an assumption, I don't actually know what he was thinking all last night). And between the two of us, it seems we've usually thought of most everything.

We enjoyed breakfast together this morning at 5:30, and I admit it is a rare happening. Emery usually has to fend for himself before leaving at 6am. But we were all awake and with a strong pot of coffee brewing, so we seized the time. Hattie blew her first kiss this morning, and very appropriately, it was to her daddy as he left for work.

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