Saturday, April 28, 2012


On Tuesday, with my newly-potted hydrangea in hand, we got into our loaded car and moving truck and headed south.

Hattie was lovely on the journey. I was kind of dreading having to drive several hours with her by myself, but it might have her best road trip yet. (Praise the Lord!)

Emery has had a few days before he has to go in to work at the new job, and we've loved having him home....the only problem is that it has felt like Saturday all week, and I'm all mixed up.

It's been so nice to have a little house.  More than three drawers in the kitchen, deep closets, lots of cabinets in the bathrooms (our last place had 2.5 baths, but only one had any storage), and a yard! Without the worry of disturbing the neighbors, we've even started some sleep training. I haven't been tooo business-like with the training though since all of our allergies have been acting up, and Little-Bit's runny nose and occasional cough is just pitiful. In spite of not feeling 100%, Hattie has been a trooper, and I'm so thankful. I'm afraid I envisioned her screaming her head off for four hours a night for a week before she settled down into a new routine. But really, the first night was a little hard, but not agonizing, and last night she had already learned quite a lot and it didn't take her but a few minutes before she was snoozing away. Glory Hallelujah!

I was discussing parenting with my brother, Asa, a few months ago. We both love being parents so much more than we expected. I think we mentally prepared ourselves for the sleepness nights and discipline issues, but we didn't have any idea of how rewarding and fun it is too. : ) I guess we're products of our upbringing by 'preparing for the worst and hoping for the best'.....and that's how it's been this week with the sleep training, and I've been pleasantly surprised.

By the way, we got our internet at home working last night, so maybe I won't neglect my little bloggy afterall....although I must say, being disconnected from the internet for a week was rather refreshing.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Freedom in Grace

Do you ever look around at the grocery store and see people whom you might like to be friends with (based entirely on appearances, of course)? I do. Maybe it's one of the bonds of motherhood, but when I see Middle-eastern or Indian (the subcontinent) mothers with their children, I just think I would like to get to know them, and maybe be friends.

I feel a kinship that I can't explain. I'm sure it's not reciprocated, but nevertheless.

In a way, I want to tell them about my Jesus, but I'd rather be their friend first (because why should anyone listen to me about the love of God, if I don't first demonstrate it?).

I'm free in Christ. How wonderful is that? But these women, most of them are in bondage to Islam or Hinduism. Working. Working hard to attain their own salvation. Performing all the rites, praying the designated prayers, burning the right incense.

But me? I'M FREE. Saved by the grace of God. Free from my sins, free from condemnation, free to rest in His grace.


"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John8:32

freedom in truth. We have the great privilege of of walking in the glorious light of His gospel.

But so many are stumbling in the darkness. Complete darkness.

We're supposed to be known by our love.
"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." John13:35

Lord, help me to love. Not just my family and friends who love me, but everyone I interact with...the cashiers at the store, and my neighbors down the street. Help me to show them YOUR love and great compassion.


Visit Grace Chapel's webpage to learn more about this great love.

Slipcovers {Shout Out}

Furniture ages: patterns fade, stains happen, and sometimes what you thought was beautiful thirty years ago, just isn't anymore.

this is a very ugly couch.

 So what are you to do?

There's the tuck-and-tie version style which is pretty economical. But then there's custom slipcovers....

*this an example of custom a slipcover. It is not my aunt's work, but a google search generated photo*


Enter my sweet Aunt.

Marteca Landers is a master at creating tailored slipcovers. She's been in the business for thirty years, and knows it like the back of her hand.

Check out her website to see some view the gallery of her work.

She really is a pro and I love her.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The moving truck comes on Monday....we've been packing, but you already know that.

This move is different than all our other moves. This week has been full of fairly spontaneous visits with our sweet friends, as if to have one last hoorah before we're too far away to just stop by for lunch now and then. It's been lovely, partially because we enjoy their company and friendship, and partially because 2/3 of my kitchen is boxed up and creating meals from our pantry (still) is quite a feat. We're making it work with quesadillas and baked potatoes, but I'm ready to do some real grocery shopping (and maybe spend more than $30 at it).


This is the time of day (4:24) that I get tired of waiting for Emery to get home. It feels like time goes by so slowly, and will he ever get here?!? Now, this is not because I'm overly frazzled with my baby and need some relief. No, it's because Mr. Sayre is my best friend and I just miss him. Hattie too, you should see her excitement at his arrival in the evenings. Priceless. And I love my life. I don't mind that this is our third move in less than three years. I don't mind packing and unpacking. I just love my family, and I want us to be in the center of the Lord's will for us....wherever that is.

And Mississippi IS the hospitality state y'all - our rest areas/welcome centers say so - and if you're passing through, you'd better drop me a line and stay with us.

I guess that's all for now. We might get rid of our internet at home after the move, and I apologize in advance if my little bloggy gets much neglected over the summer. The library and other wifi hotspots are readily available though, so hopefully the digital cobwebs won't grow too thick.

Monday, April 16, 2012

To everything there is a season.

a time to laugh. a time to mourn. a time to work. a time to play.......

Our season of life in Memphis is drawing to a close. It's been a sweet season for me; chock-full of loving kindred-spirits and new forever friends. But we've also shed tears as our friends marked the first birthday of their baby boy who lived only a few short days....because we bear one another's burdens. Laugh together and weep together. It's the blessing of community, especially here.

But the chapters that lay before us hold great potential. Potential of putting down roots and home-buying. Potential of growing in love for old friends and new. Potential for playing in the sprinkler and picnics on the grass. Great things are ahead, I can feel it.

So here's to the days ahead. I'll raise the proverbial glass to welcome our new season and to fondly remember our time as Memphians.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Home

We're staying home this weekend.

How lovely.

The last two weekends were road-trippy, and while enjoyable, they don't hold a candle to the simple pleasure of just staying home with my loves. The house is a bit of an obstacle course with boxes and totes stacked here and there, but I really only have the kitchen left to pack...and that's gratifying. I'm so thankful that I'm not feeling overwhelmed by packing this time. I know we have more stuff, but somehow it's more manageable now with Hattie pulling things out left and right than it was when she was three months old. Funny how that happens.
Emery may have to work a bit tomorrow, and I  plan to press forward in the packing, but hopefully we'll all sleep in a little (you know till 8am!) and have breakfast together. Maybe we will even play the Wii a few minutes - and pretend we're exercising. ; )

It's been a looong week, and I'm thrilled it's finally Friday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....

I think old Will had it right, but you know I just don't think everyone would moon over roses as much as they do if they were named something like shibboleth. "Oh, my darling got me a dozen shibboleths for our anniversary. I love shibboleths."
 I don't think so.

Last night I was musing over names. You've got basically three choices when it comes to names: traditional, trendy, and left-field. But when you think of the most enduring names, it all comes down to biblical names (with some exceptions in the NT; I'm not planning on naming any child of mine Philemon or Aristarchus). How many boys named Adam do you know? Is it more than you can count on one hand? Probably. It kind of blows my mind to think that the name Adam has been around since the beginning of the world. Whoa.

I'm not saying that names that aren't biblically-based aren't beautiful and fitting, but I do think it's super-neat to name a child and to able to point to the legacy associated with that name. That's what we wanted with Hattie. She was named for my great-grandmother whom I never met, but have heard countless stories of how she made people feel 'special-er' and how she was a peacemaker and loved the Lord. I'm excited to tell Hattie of her namesake when she gets a little older.

----BTW, no, I am not announcing anything. A girl can think about names without being pregnant, can't she?----

Monday, April 9, 2012


We went to Georgia to see my family over the Easter weekend. We weren't planning on it. I was sure we wouldn't be going. Then Friday afternoon rolled around, Emery was home early...and all of the sudden we had decided to go and were rushing around to pack and jump in the car. We couldn't help but laugh at the situation because it was so 'us'. Predictably unpredictable.

We had a lovely weekend. Probably my favorite Easter since the days of Aunt Cynthia getting everyone big chocolate bunnies (and you know that has been a while!).

Hattie was a doll. She let people hold her and play with her without having any meltdowns. We hunted eggs together, and she really enjoyed shaking the bag of candy - most of which I ate ; ) -  after we had emptied the eggs. We played "Apples to Apples" (I won!), and it was thoroughly hilarious. Several years ago, Granny banned us from playing Spoons at the gatherings because it was too dangerous and was hard on her nerves, so the new standard is Apples to Apples...although the bursts of laughter may be equally disrupting.

Brother Jimmy Fulmer preached a knock-out resurrection sermon, and it was sweet to fellowship with our Shoal Creek church family.

And then before we knew it, we were back in the car headed home. I think it's safe to say that our strategy is to plan to be flexible, and who knows what adventures we might encounter. It's the Elizabethian way of doing things.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Great Pantry/Fridge Clean-out

This month, in efforts to conserve more than usual on our grocery bill, we're making our meals based on what we already have in the house. Of course, we'll be adding milk and eggs and etc as necessary. As I looked into my fridge yesterday, I found out that there are somethings I buy every single trip to the store, whether we need them or not. The two main culprits were sour cream and cream cheese. I'm not ashamed because who knows when you might want some pimento cheese or a baked potato with sour cream...and this Sayre family needs fattening up. (I know. It's not exactly a problem the rest of our society is familiar with. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to gain weight while still eating healthy? We already buy full-fat dairy products, and other than that, I'm at a loss - literally and figuratively.)

Anyway, as I was thinking up meals and dishes yesterday, I remembered my one can of pumpkin leftover from the fall, and my 3.5 packages of cream cheese (not leftover from the fall). I stumbled on Paula Dean's pumpkin cheesecake and decided it was meant to be.

The recipe isn't gluten free by nature. It calls for graham crackers, which had some GF ones in the freezer, but I think crushed ginger snaps would be equally delicious, if not better. And the 2tbsps of flour in the filling is such a token amount that I left it out all together and didn't miss it. In spite of me not measuring anything while putting it together and that I don't own a spring-form pan, it turned out delicious. Not too sweet or pumpkin-y.  Hattie thought it was the creme-de-la-creme. Little adventurous eater. : )

I'm excited about clearing out our canned goods and freezer. We don't stock up very much (we don't have room to really), and our parents probably think we're crazy for not having two weeks worth of rations on hand in case of an emergency, but ah well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scratch and Dent Caskets?

A few years ago, on a visit to my hometown, we noticed a store titled 'Discount Caskets'.  How do they get to be discounted, I wondered. Scratch and dent perhaps? Gently used?

Oh Emery and I laugh and laugh at the prospect of some store really selling used caskets. How do they get them? Were they only used for the funeral, and the original owner was cremated? That store went under (I'm not apologizing for the pun, this situation fosters LOTS of puns), and we can't have a good laugh every time we're in town. But there is a casket company on I-55 in MS, and when we do pass that way, used caskets will come up.

I joked with Emery as we passed by this weekend, that if those Tribulation books that were popular a few years ago were correct (which I don't think they are, theologically), THEN the discount casket company could really make a killing after the rapture. They could even market Antique caskets, or those that held someone famous.

As for me, I don't expect a fancy casket will very useful, and plain will suit just fine....but I don't think I'm so frugal as to want a used one.