Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Great Pantry/Fridge Clean-out

This month, in efforts to conserve more than usual on our grocery bill, we're making our meals based on what we already have in the house. Of course, we'll be adding milk and eggs and etc as necessary. As I looked into my fridge yesterday, I found out that there are somethings I buy every single trip to the store, whether we need them or not. The two main culprits were sour cream and cream cheese. I'm not ashamed because who knows when you might want some pimento cheese or a baked potato with sour cream...and this Sayre family needs fattening up. (I know. It's not exactly a problem the rest of our society is familiar with. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to gain weight while still eating healthy? We already buy full-fat dairy products, and other than that, I'm at a loss - literally and figuratively.)

Anyway, as I was thinking up meals and dishes yesterday, I remembered my one can of pumpkin leftover from the fall, and my 3.5 packages of cream cheese (not leftover from the fall). I stumbled on Paula Dean's pumpkin cheesecake and decided it was meant to be.

The recipe isn't gluten free by nature. It calls for graham crackers, which had some GF ones in the freezer, but I think crushed ginger snaps would be equally delicious, if not better. And the 2tbsps of flour in the filling is such a token amount that I left it out all together and didn't miss it. In spite of me not measuring anything while putting it together and that I don't own a spring-form pan, it turned out delicious. Not too sweet or pumpkin-y.  Hattie thought it was the creme-de-la-creme. Little adventurous eater. : )

I'm excited about clearing out our canned goods and freezer. We don't stock up very much (we don't have room to really), and our parents probably think we're crazy for not having two weeks worth of rations on hand in case of an emergency, but ah well.