Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....

I think old Will had it right, but you know I just don't think everyone would moon over roses as much as they do if they were named something like shibboleth. "Oh, my darling got me a dozen shibboleths for our anniversary. I love shibboleths."
 I don't think so.

Last night I was musing over names. You've got basically three choices when it comes to names: traditional, trendy, and left-field. But when you think of the most enduring names, it all comes down to biblical names (with some exceptions in the NT; I'm not planning on naming any child of mine Philemon or Aristarchus). How many boys named Adam do you know? Is it more than you can count on one hand? Probably. It kind of blows my mind to think that the name Adam has been around since the beginning of the world. Whoa.

I'm not saying that names that aren't biblically-based aren't beautiful and fitting, but I do think it's super-neat to name a child and to able to point to the legacy associated with that name. That's what we wanted with Hattie. She was named for my great-grandmother whom I never met, but have heard countless stories of how she made people feel 'special-er' and how she was a peacemaker and loved the Lord. I'm excited to tell Hattie of her namesake when she gets a little older.

----BTW, no, I am not announcing anything. A girl can think about names without being pregnant, can't she?----


  1. Absolutely! I think most (normal) girls start thinking of baby names WAY before they're having children. I still remember my favorite girl name as a youngster was Taylor. As I've gotten older, I tend to like more "old-fashioned" names. Family names also rank pretty high on my list. Like you, I love the story and meaning behind a name. You did a great job picking out your little one's name!

    1. You're right Lydia. My favorite name in middle school was McKenzie....but of course, at that age you don't know what your married name will be, so you can't determine how the name will really sound altogether.

      Thanks girl!