Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something to look forward to...

I think I love having something to look forward to. The building anticipation and preparing for the special time to come. It makes me happy inside.

Like our beach trip at the end of the summer. I'm siked about that. {Did I really just use the word siked? how many years has it been since that one slipped out?}

Or Date Night with my darling husband. Yay!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And much fun was had by all

Emery and I are kind of masters of whirlwind trips. Give me 20 minutes of packing, and we can hit the road lickety-split.

This weekend, we knew a bit ahead of time. It wasn't a packing frenzy.

We drove up to Memphis for church Sunday morning, and tremendously enjoyed being with our dear friends again.

Monday found us splashing in the kiddie pool at Emery's brother's home. And running through the sprinkler, and having a grand time, generally.

On the way home from Oxford, we stopped at Grenada and visited the lake. Hattie loved the sand and the teeny waves. The beach was pretty rocky, and the water was typical lake water, but she didn't mind and was thrilled to put her feet in.

It's been a while since I've been to a crowded beach. I felt like I was at the beach in "Where's Waldo".....not because it was actually that crowded, but because of the culture present. An interesting dynamic. But give me a secluded beach any day over a crowded one.

We're hoping to go to Florida at the end of the summer, and Hattie's reaction to the lake makes me so excited to take her to see the ocean. She's going to love it. : )

I'm going to love it. I've kind of been aching to spend a little time at the beach. The wind and waves and salt and sand....ahhh.  There's nothing quite like the gulf coast to put a smile on your face.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

my baby slept 9 hours in a row last night. for. the. first. time. EVER.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fleeting Moments.

Since I'm not the president of the United States, I don't have a personal photographer. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really want one because I would inevitably be caught looking like I-don't-know-what far too often......but today, oh, today I wish wish wish there was a handy someone snapping photos of my precious girl.
I knew I couldn't run for the camera. She'd only follow me and sorely interrupt her sweet play. So I just watched and tried to cement those moments in my memory.

Pigtails wiggling. Pages turning. Darling baby voice 'singing' as she perused the hymnal.

Golly, I love her, and I don't want to forget these fleeting days.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Theme nights.

I've tried menu planning. 4-week rotating, seasonal menus...but it just doesn't work for me. There isn't enough creative lee-way built in, which results in me NEVER sticking to it and thus voiding all the hard work I did in putting it together.

To give myself a little more room, I have back-up theme nights. It used to be what I did every night without question, but even that was a little constricting for yours truly, so now when I can't think of anything to make, then I just remember that it's "Fish Tuesday", and we have fish.

My themes:
  • Mexican Monday - tacos, quesadillas, nachos, taco salad, carne asada, huevos rancheros (my newest favorite) etc.
  • Fish Tuesday - salmon cakes, fish fillets (salmon, tilapia, grouper etc)...and that's about it in that department, let me know if you have some good fish recipes, that aren't TOO fishy.
  • Pasta/Hamburger Wednesday - kind of speaks for itself, since Wednesdays are busier with church and all.
  • Soup/Salad Thursday - seasonal. Summer Salads. Winter Soups, usually. 
  • Pizza Friday - homemade most of the time, but we like Little Ceasar's $5 pizzas too. (Emery scrapes the toppings off the crust since it isn't GF, although I hear Domino's has just come out with a GF crust. It isn't made in a dedicated kitchen, so if you're very sensitive, I wouldn't go that route.)

The Club.

We joined it.

Not the fitness club. Or the Sam's club. The mini-van club.

It's not a swagger-wagon. It might have been 10years ago when it was brand-spankin-new....but the swagger has since been left behind.

I'm thankful for it. We got a fabulous deal (or it will be once we put 40-50k miles on it), and hopefully it will be a reliable vehicle in the coming days.
It's not beautiful.
It doesn't have a DVD IS equipped with a VHS player though. haha. {Emery and I do still own videos on VHS, and maybe one day I'll let Hattie watch some movie on a road trip. "The Little Kidnappers" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" probably.}

But it's ours without debt. And for that, I love it.

Since we moved, we've only had one vehicle. I didn't mind staying home all the time so much, especially as Hattie and I really only went grocery shopping and occasionally to the park when we did have a second vehicle. So it wasn't a huge deal. But after some consideration, we decided we wanted to look for either a pick-up truck for Emery to drive (and so we could haul things) or a mini-van for me to drive (and so we could haul things AND people). The LORD provided.  : )

Monday, May 21, 2012


Every morning about 10:30, I face a decision.

Hattie has just fallen asleep for her nap, and I wonder whether I should sleep or shower. It's such a hard choice. The sleep aches to win, but the showering is kind of important too.

And sometimes, I just blog instead.

I reckon there are choices and priorities in life that you just don't think about before you have children....because like the cliche says, children change everything.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's nice that it's Thursday.

We all have those weeks. Those that sort of make you feel like you understand eternity better.

This isn't one of them, really. It's just regular. But we are getting near to the weekend, which means nearer to having Emery home rather than at work...and that's reason enough for me and Hattie to celebrate. It also means we might get to go to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow. Yay! Yay for fresh food AND for just getting out of the house. : ) We've only got one set of wheels these days, and since they go downtown with Emery every day, Hattie and I are kind home-bound.

We went for a walk this morning. It was quiet and refreshing up until the point that the yappy dogs went crazy behind their fences and it got hot, and then we came inside. We used to walk so much in Memphis, but here we live along a busy road that makes me nervous just getting out near it. Thankfully, there's a little bit of neighborhood too that is slower-paced. On our walk. I saw at least two families that had hydrangeas in their yards, which makes me hopeful that if I get around to planting mine again, some of it's happy color will come back. It is clearly not happy in that pot.  Does anyone know if potting soil is pH neutral? I'm guessing that's what the problem is.

May is a lovely month in Mississippi. Nice and hot, but not overwhelmingly humid. And everything is pleasantly green, not the scorched green-brown of June and July (and August and September...).

I think that calls for a glass of chocolate milk. You know how we savor our chocolate milk ; )  Do you ever rinse your glass out before you use it again, even if it only had water in it? I did. I don't know why. Just habit.

I think I'm ready to let my little bloggy stand on it's own two {proverbial} feet. I've been posting links to new posts on facebook, but I don't plan to doing that nearly as often in the coming you'll just have to navigate over to this corner of the internet of your own accord.

Which brings me to a very corny joke. What kind of car did the apostles drive? An Accord. "They all went out in one accord." heh. I told you it was corny. But those punny ones are my favorite. Our grocery store has a sushi rolling station in their deli, and they have a sign saying, "that's how we roll". : ) I almost bought some just because of the sign.

Well, I think Hattie needs a tickle attack. Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You're doing it all wrong.

This week on MPB (MS public broadcasting), there's been a mini-series from Southern Remedy - which is usually a call-in radio show - called Premature Parenting.

It's been focusing on why Mississippi has such a high rate of teen pregnancy, and how the babies born to these teens tend to have more complications and lower birth weights. It's been interesting, sort of. But a little infuriating too. They've obviously put a lot of effort into getting this program together and gathering all the statistics to prove their points, but - in my opinion - they're doing it wrong.

I think they should look rather at the mother's marital status rather than age alone. If these teenagers were married before they got pregnant, I would presume that the outcomes would be vastly different.

If these teens had a strong moral center; if they had a mother and daddy in the home who taught them right from wrong; if they weren't sleeping around, but saving themselves for marriage; and even if they were married very young....I bet the outcomes would be different. If our young girls found young men who were moral and upstanding, who would be their provider and protector, who were Committed to marriage and its sanctity, I don't think the babies from such situations would be in nearly the same position as those born to unwed mothers of the same age. I think they would much healthier from the mother not being over-stressed about the pregnancy and from having a steady income and thus steady nutrition for the baby and mother.  

Up until the last hundred years, girls were married in their teen years. They had babies and took care of their families while they were still quite young (by our standards today). And they were much more responsible than most teens are these days.

Being a teenager doesn't automatically result in having a baby with a low birth-weight. Being an unwed mother and a teenager puts greater stress both, and the baby would be more apt to have complications at birth.

Of course, the program is looking at the situation realistically. And I'm not blaming them, but I so wish the parents would 'teach their children in the way that they should go' because our society depends on the mothers and daddies teaching their children what's right and wrong, and teaching by example. I'm afraid few in the coming generation will know who their daddy is, and what he's supposed to do as a daddy, and it's crippling our nation. There isn't any teaching going on at home and much less going on in the schools....and if I didn't trust in the sovereignty of God, I would be very very nervous about our leaders of tomorrow.

please, don't tell the Danes.

This morning, for the first time in my life, I attempted to make Danish(es?). Gluten Free of course. And they turned out pretty yummy, but except for the puddle of jam in the middle, they looked nothing like what I envision Danishes should.

Very probably, I didn't follow the directions to a "T". I'm prone to glance at directions and them promptly ignore them...but with gluten free baking, I'm not nearly so adventurous, and I do TRY to follow the instructions. Alas, there isn't one iota of flakiness to them. Tender and enjoyable, yes. Flaky and pastry-like, no.

Just don't go telling every Dane you know that I butchered their signature dish.

Also, here's a shout out to those who really can do the dance of the Danish, those dear ones who make the cheese danishes at Camp Moriah possible. WOW. I'm all the more impressed. Go you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Word to your Mother.

Have you seen this commercial? It's a Mother's Day commercial from Publix (which is a grocery store chain, that is at least in Georgia - my home state - but I haven't seen any in Mississippi).

Melt your heart. Did you cry? I did.

Mother's Day last year fell a little earlier in the month than this year, and in fact, Hattie was born just under two hours before Mother's Day....and she counts as a SUPERB {first} Mother's Day gift.

This year, even though I know Hattie's too young to remember these days, I do wonder what things might stick out to her about me. If it's the jingling of my wedding rings, or the smell of my perfume, or happy games of peek-a-boo around Daddy's shoulders, or maybe even washing laundry in the bathtub for a while. I just wonder what about these young formative days might find a lasting hold in her memory. In all likelihood, she'll "remember" the events we have pictures of and the stories we told her over and over, and maybe next year she'll have some memories that she'll keep for all her life. But it's sweet to think about.

As hard as it is, I want to 'hold on loosely' to my girl. Because she really isn't mine anyway, and if the LORD sees fit to take her from us into His heavenly arms, I want to rest in His sovereignty. I want to cherish everyday with her, even at 3am. I want to laugh with her and enjoy her and not take for granted her beautiful presence in our lives. And if she lives to be 98 with her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren gathered around her, then I hope she will have taken the time to pour herself into each of their lives, and not count the sacrifices but only the blessings.

Happy Mother's Day to you my dear readers.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mexican Nesquik...and our music saturated culture.

 Mexican Nesquik. Of course it's not called that on the can, but all the text is in Spanish - so there you go. This little gem is one of the things I missed about Central Mississippi...for some reason it wasn't available in Memphis.

Why do I love it? Because it's WAY cheaper than the regular (American) version. You do have to use a little more per glass and it doesn't mix in quite as well, but those are fairly insignificant. Look for it in the ethnic food section of your grocery store.

Emery loves him some chocolate milk. Morning, noon, or night, anytime is alright.

I also have a little theory I've been 'chewing' on lately (which is completely unrelated to chocolate milk). I've about decided that because our culture is so steeped with music 24/7 is partly why most of the music on the radio these days isn't worth listening to, it's just awful. Now, if you LOVE everything on the radio, I'm not trying to get you down, but think about this: 200 years ago how could you listen to music? A) you owned a piano or some other instrument B) you owned a phonograph C) you would go to the symphony......all of those options require some wealth and free time, neither of which were readily available back in the day. So, if you wanted music, you had to sing it yourself.
Now think about what it took to compose music. If you had a natural ear, you might be able to beat out a tune, but to have someone else play it you needed to know all the mechanics of the language of music. As a result, only those who were truly great composers had their music played and, consequently, remembered after their deaths.
But today it's soooo easy for anyone to write lyrics to a song and record it and put on youtube...and somehow it goes viral and before we know it that person has a record deal and their songs are on the radio, pandora, and itunes. Lickety-Split. Regardless of whether there is any musical talent involved.
AND you can't walk across a college campus without 80% of the students you pass living in their own little world of their favorite music selections. Ear buds...the reason no one stops to talk anymore.
My point, we're steeped in mediocre music, churning out artists that aren't and are so blind that we probably couldn't even recognize musical genius. That is all. I relinquish my soapbox.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of Expirmental Frosting {which is to say Greek Yogurt Frosting}

Well, I did it. And know what? It was great. The yogurt gave the frosting more of a tang than you would have in cream cheese icing, but it was plenty sweet - without sugar being the first ingredient.

Anna Grace suggested I add in some coconut oil so it would be a little thicker (when cold), and that helped keep it from turning into a glaze.

So without further ado, my rough recipe...because I didn't measure anything.

- 2 cups Greek yogurt (I used Fage brand because it was marked down)
- 5-6 heaping tbsp of brown sugar
- 2 heaping tbsp (soup-spoon) of coconut oil
- 2-3 tbsp vanilla extract

I melted the coconut oil over low heat, and threw in the sugar while the pot was still on the burner. I was thinking if I let the sugar melt a bit, it might give it a caramel taste, but since the coconut oil is kind of delicate, I didn't wait for the sugar to melt. I then added the vanilla (which btw, mine was homemade vanilla and probably a lot stronger than store-bought, so you might want to adjust accordingly).
I added all of that to the greek yogurt and mixed it up in a small bowl. It might have worked well with a hand mixer, but Hattie was asleep and I wasn't about to turn the mixer on. Let chill in the fridge until just before serving.

We were having cupcakes, and it was easy to just spread some on top (and a few sprinkles too) right before we put them on the table. I think the cake would probably absorb some of the frosting if you put on ahead of time, and that would probably be very yummy...but it might not look too nice. I can't say.

Hattie thanks you for all the birthday wishes. She had a great day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A year in Moments.

 What a beautiful year.

*I've yet to find my adapter to be able to upload photos from the SD card, so these only go up through 11months.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Successful sleeping

Y'all. This is serious. Monumental. Incredible. Delightful. Successful. And Satisfying.

My baby slept in HER room last night. for six hours straight. and didn't nurse from 8:30-5am.

This is the start of a new chapter in the Sayre family.

But it's fitting. She'll be one in just a couple of days, and will be walking very soon too.....she's growing up and getting more independent already in so many ways.
Yesterday, at a brunch, she was scooped up by some of the children and whisked away to play, and she LOVED it. Not long ago, she would have had a hissy at being carried away from me.

I might note that we transitioned her gradually, and while at first she wasn't happy about the transition, I knew she wasn't struck with anxiety either....and it worked really well for both of us.

Also, since I haven't slept six hours straight in I don't know when, after he first waking, I was rip-roaring-ready to face the day, except that it was 3am. : )

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dirty Laundry

"Laundry is like infinity" --Mark Jones

Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I'm nearly 23 years old, and for the first time in my life, I washed an entire load of laundry (albeit a small-ish one) by hand.
No, I'm not trying my hand at homesteading. Yes, I like electricity and washing machines.

Our washer is just broken, and I was runny very low on clean shirts, and Emery has the car at work, and we probably don't have enough quarters lying around to feed a laundry-mat machine.  So Hattie and I rolled up our sleeves and set to washing. Mostly Hattie helped by beating the side of the tub, and she only almost fell in once.

Y'all, we have it so easy. We all complain about the mountains of laundry that always need washing, but you know, that all you have to do is throw it in the machine and let it do its work for an hour or so and then throw the load in the dryer. That time while the loads are washing is free and easy for you to do other chores, but by hand...oh no no. It took me probably the whole hour to get everything washed and wrung out. And I still have several loads to go, but Hattie was understandably loosing patience with the whole ordeal. Little does she know that we'll be back at it this afternoon!

I'm not complaining. I don't think I'm above washing clothes by hand. But I sure am thankful for my washing machine when it's working!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Missed it

I'm fascinated by statistics. Not the fake ones that are made up 86.67% of the time (ahem, that one is fake). But the real life ones...the ones that hopefully aren't presented in such a way as to skew the information.

Anyhow, blogger keeps some stats on things. Pageviews, referring urls, audience, etc. I confess that at times, I find these numbers more fascinating than the comments....but probably only because the comments are kind of few and far between (but don't worry your head about that, that doesn't bother me a whit).
The moral of my story is that we hit 2000 pageviews, probably sometime today. It was 2006 when I looked, so I don't know when it happened, but happen it did. I know you're thinking that we didn't even get to party like it was 1999, but I think it would probably be just as nice to party like it's 2012.

Emery started the new job this morning.

Hattie busted her lip. Her first bloody injury.

And I'm also afraid that my hydrangea may have been happier in the ground in Memphis than down here in a pot. This could be due in part to the fact that I haven't watered her as faithfully as I did before we moved.  Well, poor little Hydrangea and poor little Hattie.