Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And much fun was had by all

Emery and I are kind of masters of whirlwind trips. Give me 20 minutes of packing, and we can hit the road lickety-split.

This weekend, we knew a bit ahead of time. It wasn't a packing frenzy.

We drove up to Memphis for church Sunday morning, and tremendously enjoyed being with our dear friends again.

Monday found us splashing in the kiddie pool at Emery's brother's home. And running through the sprinkler, and having a grand time, generally.

On the way home from Oxford, we stopped at Grenada and visited the lake. Hattie loved the sand and the teeny waves. The beach was pretty rocky, and the water was typical lake water, but she didn't mind and was thrilled to put her feet in.

It's been a while since I've been to a crowded beach. I felt like I was at the beach in "Where's Waldo".....not because it was actually that crowded, but because of the culture present. An interesting dynamic. But give me a secluded beach any day over a crowded one.

We're hoping to go to Florida at the end of the summer, and Hattie's reaction to the lake makes me so excited to take her to see the ocean. She's going to love it. : )

I'm going to love it. I've kind of been aching to spend a little time at the beach. The wind and waves and salt and sand....ahhh.  There's nothing quite like the gulf coast to put a smile on your face.

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  1. Where at in Florida!?!?! We live close to some beautiful beaches!! :)