Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's nice that it's Thursday.

We all have those weeks. Those that sort of make you feel like you understand eternity better.

This isn't one of them, really. It's just regular. But we are getting near to the weekend, which means nearer to having Emery home rather than at work...and that's reason enough for me and Hattie to celebrate. It also means we might get to go to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow. Yay! Yay for fresh food AND for just getting out of the house. : ) We've only got one set of wheels these days, and since they go downtown with Emery every day, Hattie and I are kind home-bound.

We went for a walk this morning. It was quiet and refreshing up until the point that the yappy dogs went crazy behind their fences and it got hot, and then we came inside. We used to walk so much in Memphis, but here we live along a busy road that makes me nervous just getting out near it. Thankfully, there's a little bit of neighborhood too that is slower-paced. On our walk. I saw at least two families that had hydrangeas in their yards, which makes me hopeful that if I get around to planting mine again, some of it's happy color will come back. It is clearly not happy in that pot.  Does anyone know if potting soil is pH neutral? I'm guessing that's what the problem is.

May is a lovely month in Mississippi. Nice and hot, but not overwhelmingly humid. And everything is pleasantly green, not the scorched green-brown of June and July (and August and September...).

I think that calls for a glass of chocolate milk. You know how we savor our chocolate milk ; )  Do you ever rinse your glass out before you use it again, even if it only had water in it? I did. I don't know why. Just habit.

I think I'm ready to let my little bloggy stand on it's own two {proverbial} feet. I've been posting links to new posts on facebook, but I don't plan to doing that nearly as often in the coming you'll just have to navigate over to this corner of the internet of your own accord.

Which brings me to a very corny joke. What kind of car did the apostles drive? An Accord. "They all went out in one accord." heh. I told you it was corny. But those punny ones are my favorite. Our grocery store has a sushi rolling station in their deli, and they have a sign saying, "that's how we roll". : ) I almost bought some just because of the sign.

Well, I think Hattie needs a tickle attack. Happy Thursday.

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  1. I hope you continue to post your updates to facebook. It's so easy to just click on your link to read your blog, and I know when you've posted without having to remember to go by and check. If you're not going to post it to facebook, enable it to accept followers so that we can get an email when you post. Just a thought. I read your blog every time to post it! Blessings!