Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mexican Nesquik...and our music saturated culture.

 Mexican Nesquik. Of course it's not called that on the can, but all the text is in Spanish - so there you go. This little gem is one of the things I missed about Central Mississippi...for some reason it wasn't available in Memphis.

Why do I love it? Because it's WAY cheaper than the regular (American) version. You do have to use a little more per glass and it doesn't mix in quite as well, but those are fairly insignificant. Look for it in the ethnic food section of your grocery store.

Emery loves him some chocolate milk. Morning, noon, or night, anytime is alright.

I also have a little theory I've been 'chewing' on lately (which is completely unrelated to chocolate milk). I've about decided that because our culture is so steeped with music 24/7 is partly why most of the music on the radio these days isn't worth listening to, it's just awful. Now, if you LOVE everything on the radio, I'm not trying to get you down, but think about this: 200 years ago how could you listen to music? A) you owned a piano or some other instrument B) you owned a phonograph C) you would go to the symphony......all of those options require some wealth and free time, neither of which were readily available back in the day. So, if you wanted music, you had to sing it yourself.
Now think about what it took to compose music. If you had a natural ear, you might be able to beat out a tune, but to have someone else play it you needed to know all the mechanics of the language of music. As a result, only those who were truly great composers had their music played and, consequently, remembered after their deaths.
But today it's soooo easy for anyone to write lyrics to a song and record it and put on youtube...and somehow it goes viral and before we know it that person has a record deal and their songs are on the radio, pandora, and itunes. Lickety-Split. Regardless of whether there is any musical talent involved.
AND you can't walk across a college campus without 80% of the students you pass living in their own little world of their favorite music selections. Ear buds...the reason no one stops to talk anymore.
My point, we're steeped in mediocre music, churning out artists that aren't and are so blind that we probably couldn't even recognize musical genius. That is all. I relinquish my soapbox.


  1. I agree with your music comments!! I didn't realize until i was in high school that it was really unusual for people to sing and be exposed to making music in their everyday lives. so few people are these days! it's crazy. i feel blessed to be primitive baptist and have that wonderful gift of having music!

    1. We do have a rich culture of music. Thank the LORD!