Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of Expirmental Frosting {which is to say Greek Yogurt Frosting}

Well, I did it. And know what? It was great. The yogurt gave the frosting more of a tang than you would have in cream cheese icing, but it was plenty sweet - without sugar being the first ingredient.

Anna Grace suggested I add in some coconut oil so it would be a little thicker (when cold), and that helped keep it from turning into a glaze.

So without further ado, my rough recipe...because I didn't measure anything.

- 2 cups Greek yogurt (I used Fage brand because it was marked down)
- 5-6 heaping tbsp of brown sugar
- 2 heaping tbsp (soup-spoon) of coconut oil
- 2-3 tbsp vanilla extract

I melted the coconut oil over low heat, and threw in the sugar while the pot was still on the burner. I was thinking if I let the sugar melt a bit, it might give it a caramel taste, but since the coconut oil is kind of delicate, I didn't wait for the sugar to melt. I then added the vanilla (which btw, mine was homemade vanilla and probably a lot stronger than store-bought, so you might want to adjust accordingly).
I added all of that to the greek yogurt and mixed it up in a small bowl. It might have worked well with a hand mixer, but Hattie was asleep and I wasn't about to turn the mixer on. Let chill in the fridge until just before serving.

We were having cupcakes, and it was easy to just spread some on top (and a few sprinkles too) right before we put them on the table. I think the cake would probably absorb some of the frosting if you put on ahead of time, and that would probably be very yummy...but it might not look too nice. I can't say.

Hattie thanks you for all the birthday wishes. She had a great day!


  1. That just sounds GREAT! Glad it worked!

  2. I'll have to try this recipe. Sounds yummy!