Wednesday, May 16, 2012

please, don't tell the Danes.

This morning, for the first time in my life, I attempted to make Danish(es?). Gluten Free of course. And they turned out pretty yummy, but except for the puddle of jam in the middle, they looked nothing like what I envision Danishes should.

Very probably, I didn't follow the directions to a "T". I'm prone to glance at directions and them promptly ignore them...but with gluten free baking, I'm not nearly so adventurous, and I do TRY to follow the instructions. Alas, there isn't one iota of flakiness to them. Tender and enjoyable, yes. Flaky and pastry-like, no.

Just don't go telling every Dane you know that I butchered their signature dish.

Also, here's a shout out to those who really can do the dance of the Danish, those dear ones who make the cheese danishes at Camp Moriah possible. WOW. I'm all the more impressed. Go you.

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