Friday, May 11, 2012

Word to your Mother.

Have you seen this commercial? It's a Mother's Day commercial from Publix (which is a grocery store chain, that is at least in Georgia - my home state - but I haven't seen any in Mississippi).

Melt your heart. Did you cry? I did.

Mother's Day last year fell a little earlier in the month than this year, and in fact, Hattie was born just under two hours before Mother's Day....and she counts as a SUPERB {first} Mother's Day gift.

This year, even though I know Hattie's too young to remember these days, I do wonder what things might stick out to her about me. If it's the jingling of my wedding rings, or the smell of my perfume, or happy games of peek-a-boo around Daddy's shoulders, or maybe even washing laundry in the bathtub for a while. I just wonder what about these young formative days might find a lasting hold in her memory. In all likelihood, she'll "remember" the events we have pictures of and the stories we told her over and over, and maybe next year she'll have some memories that she'll keep for all her life. But it's sweet to think about.

As hard as it is, I want to 'hold on loosely' to my girl. Because she really isn't mine anyway, and if the LORD sees fit to take her from us into His heavenly arms, I want to rest in His sovereignty. I want to cherish everyday with her, even at 3am. I want to laugh with her and enjoy her and not take for granted her beautiful presence in our lives. And if she lives to be 98 with her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren gathered around her, then I hope she will have taken the time to pour herself into each of their lives, and not count the sacrifices but only the blessings.

Happy Mother's Day to you my dear readers.


  1. Amen! I think that would be the desire of most Christian mothers. If only we could mother perfectly. But I hope that the LORD will take those imperfect acts of service that I've offered, and perfect them in his own time. Happy Mother's Day to you, also!

  2. Love this post!! Amen and Amen! Happy Mother's Day to you my friend and I love seeing the pictures of your family enjoying the house.