Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Consignment Shops

I <3 consignment shops.

I love getting good quality clothes for reasonable prices. (BUT I do not like when my formerly favorite consignment store - which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty - gets a big head and up their prices every other week. That does not float my boat. at. all.)

I don't love thrift stores because I don't have time to sift through four miles of junk for get one really good shirt for a quarter.

No, no, no. I'll gladly pay a little more for concise organization.

Anywho, I'd been directed to the Bargain Boutique, a consignment shop run by the Junior League of Jackson. And I'm hooked. With a whopping $30 to spend, I was able to find two shirts, two skirts, and a belt with a couple of dollars to spare! Whoot-whoot. Thank the LORD because HE knows my closet is in desperate need of some revamping!

Now if only they would open a second location a little bit closer to my side of town, that would be delight. : )


  1. I like them too! I went to Goodwill today and scored big time! 1 skirt, 1 shirt (Banana Republic), material to make a dress, and a picture frame for $14! Woohoo!