Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last night took Hattie to watch  'Balloon Glow' and fireworks show.

If you're like me and have never heard of a Balloon glow before, it's a little field full of hot-air balloons that they light up intermittently....I think it's supposed to be kind of like HUGE fireflies.

We were disappointed though because while we got to see all the balloons inflated, it was ever so brief (since we had been shopping in the neighboring mall, and it was well before sundown and we didn't know we were missing  the show) {I only mildly apologize for that run-on sentence}. Anyway, they had deflated ALL the balloons before it was even dark, so there wasn't really any 'glow' at all.

There was fair-food, intensely loud music, and masses of depravity in too small a space....and we made a bee-line for our car as soon as we finished the shopping.

And then there were the fireworks. Besides the fact that we got too far away to see anything but the tips of them, we kept hoping, "Maybe they'll start at 8:30.....PLEASE, let them start at 9:00......9:30, really??"

Y'all my baby NEEDS to be asleep at 8:30. Fireworks an hour past cranky-baby's bedtime? Not entirely worth it.
 The slightly redeeming factor was that we parked by the reservoir, so there was a hot breeze blowing (and any breeze is a good breeze when it's 98 degrees out), and Hattie had fun walking around and looking at the other children (all two of them).

So, I've got a FAN-tabulous idea. Winter-time fireworks, and I'm not talking about New Year's Eve midnight fireworks. I'm talking, shoot 'em off at dark (6:30 at the latest). Ooohh and aaahh over them, and get those children in their beds, and don't you even think about popping firecrackers All night long. Why oh why do fireworks have been SO late.

Emery made fun of me for this idea. Not because it's a bad idea (because it isn't), but because of how much it speaks about our phase of life. He said we wouldn't have even dreamed of saying that a few years ago. And he's right. But priorities do change, and like my daddy always said. "Nothing good ever happens after 10pm"



  1. Totally with you on this!! There should be a law. No fireworks within a 5 minute drive of sleeping babies. Period. :-D