Friday, June 8, 2012

Of pond scum

Last weekend (was it really JUST last weekend??, it's' been a long week), we tended to a lot of lawn work and rewarded ourselves by filling up the kiddie pool. Wellll, it was mostly for Hattie, but Emery and I had a fun time too. So, we played in the pool Saturday, and then again on Monday. By Monday, the water was as hot as bathwater, and not as enjoyable as the first time. We decided it was probably time to let the water out, and we pulled to plug and went inside to get dry.

Now, Monday night we had a rip-roaring storm. Thunder, lightning, the works. I love a good storm as much as anyone...but not quite as much when it wakes my baby...and not quite as much when the pool we're trying to drain accumulates rain water.

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed inside and didn't venture out the pool at all, but on Thursday I thought I would fill it up again and Hattie and I would splash around a bit. After dumping the leftover water and rinsing it off, I proceeded to fill the pool. My first clue should have been all the transparent, fiber-like thingies in the water, but I ignored them (for a while)....and then we stepped in and felt it....slime! Not exactly green slime, but the bottom of the pool was definitely slimy and icky.

Now Hattie loves her some pool time. She doesn't want to sit in the water, she just wants to splash a little and be wet generally. I knew she wasn't going to be eager to come back in the house right away, so I tried to rub off the slippery film from the pool with my feet- which didn't work very well - but was enough so she wouldn't go sliding around when she walked.

I sat there and watched her, and the longer I sat there and watched those stinkin' fibers float around, the more grossed out I was getting and the more I was praying that she wouldn't try to drink any of the pool water today...because I was just sure she'd get an amoeba and die. I tried to reason with myself and say that it was just about the same as playing in a pond, but without the fish poop. But that logic didn't really work, because I'm not about to let my baby play in a pond.

When I could stand it no longer, we pulled the plug and drained the pool as fast as possible, and leaned it up against the fence to dry out thoroughly this time. Today, I broke out the hibicleanse (which is what my midwife recommended for cleaning the birthing pool before we filled it up {which by the way, is the same pool we're playing in this summer and no, I didn't have a waterbirth}) and scrubbed that pool till it shone...or would have shone, if it wasn't plastic.

When we lived in Vicksburg, our apartment complex had a swimming pool, but instead of draining  or covering it during the winter, they just let it go....and it was SOOOOOO gross. I mean, the gate was locked, and no one could get near it really, but it turned all the way brown and I'm sure fed the growth of the mosquito population in that county. It really looked like a pond. It took them about a month of pumping chemicals for it to start looking like a pool again.

So let this be a lesson to you because I hate pond scum.

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