Monday, June 25, 2012


Mondays are for recovering from the weekend. It doesn't matter if all you did was go to church on Sunday, you're still going to be exhausted come Monday morning.

And Mondays after a vacation makes the recovery all the more extreme.

Hattie and I had a lovely time at Camp. We both got along swimmingly (although there is strictly no swimming at camp).

Oh, but the coming home to our dear husband and daddy was maybe the best part of the week. We missed him so....I think Hattie especially felt her daddy's absence when she saw all the other children with their daddies. We just about wanted to jump up and down because we were so delighted to be all together again. I love being home. : )

Very sadly, Emery had to go to work today, even though I thought it was Sunday (again) when the alarm went off this morning. I'm thankful he has a job to go to.

OH!!!! It's my dad's first day at his NEW job. The job we've been praying would come along for the last 10 months. Whew, it's been a long time coming, but we're SOOOOOO thankful for how the LORD has provided and we're praying this job will be just right, and that dad will be just right for the job (and company).

It's my birthday week. I'm getting pretty old.

My brother, Asa, was telling me that on his birthday, he was blessed to spend it in service without anyone making a big to-do over him. And he enjoyed more than ever. The fact is, when you're expecting to be served and spoiled...your expectations are never quite fulfilled, and you end up a grump and not enjoying your special day at all. "The root of happiness is in the soil of service" - said a church sign that I saw recently, and they're right.
Did you ever see Shirley Temple's "The Little Princess"? On her birthday, she made sure to buy gifts for all of her friends, and she was just as happy as could be. Of course, they had cake and ice cream, and she received some gifts too, but her focus wasn't solely on herself.

I think the less I focus on me, and the more I focus of serving Christ and others, the happier I will be.

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  1. If we all strive to serve others, we'll all be blessed by giving AND receiving blessings! I was awfully excited to see your Dad when I got home. He met me in the garage, and we had quite the happy reunion. I've been enjoying time with him ever since, and we are both so happy that the LORD provided this job for him. Please do continue in prayer. Love you all!