Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My good friend, Gabrielle, has gone on a blogging spree lately, and I declare, it makes me feel like a slacker indeed.
You can find her corner of the internet here. It's a delightful corner with lovely pictures and very few cobwebs.

Can someone tell me how ceiling fans develop cobwebs when they're hardly ever turned off?? I think it would make a spider very very dizzy to spin a web on whirling fan. Someone they manage it because while shifting mattresses last weekend (we turned off the fan for safety) and I spotted the buggers. Of course, we were too busy at the time to fetch the broom and the fan was turned back on lickety-split, and the sad fact is that those webs are just going to have to remain until the crisp fall air rolls in and lets us turn off our a/c for a while.

Every year about this time, folks start bemoaning how early school is starting and how it just seems altogether unreasonable....and I agree, but the fresh starts for the school children, the new notebooks and pencils and delightful supplies...well, they're just bursting with eager anticipation of new friendships and favorite teachers, and maybe for just one day (or maybe an hour), I wish I were experiencing that excitement again.
Or it could be just me. Maybe I enjoy new office supplies altogether more than the majority (though I know my brother, Asa, shares my joy), and that would necessarily affect my perceptions of the dozen of first days of school. Remember in "You've Got Mail" the mention of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. : ) That's the first day of school for you. I am looking forward to fall. Especially the apples. And the smell.

I suppose if school actually started after Labor day, like it used to, then the onset of school really would be closely tied with the start of fall, but alas...such is not the case, we have to swelter through the dog days of summer before we can edge toward fall.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Chick-fil-A uproar.

Chick-fil-A is as hometown for me as Wafflehouse is.

But they fall on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of what you expect....just think for a minute about the service, food, and cleanliness of each establishment. They are as different as night and day.

Now, at Wafflehouse, the dirty brown tile floor and the sticky syrup bottle feed into the aura that is quintessentially "Wafflehouse". It doesn't make you too uncomfortable because you know where you are and you know where things stand (and you avoid using the restroom if at all possible).

But then you have Chick-fil-A. Committed to service, quality, and excellence....and it all shows in every aspect of the restaurant. From the 'my pleasure's to the fresh flowers on the table, you KNOW they're working hard to give you the best possible experience.

What sets Chick-fil-A apart? Morale Fiber. Not too many other companies have it these days, and it's because they're Christians that they've come under attack.
Because they believe the Bible.
Because they strive to honor God in their establishment.
Because they call sin exactly what it is.

And it drives the world NUTS. Like rabid dogs. And so they make up rules and try to block this decent and upright company from opening stores in various cities....but oh yeah, aren't we supposed to be capitalists and shouldn't people have the choice to choose whether they personally support Chick-fil-A and what it stands for, rather than having their mayor say, "oh no no no. You can't come here. It's not fair." What kind of capitalism is this? The communist kind, sadly.

I stand with Chick-fil-A. More than that, I applaud them for their boldness. Homosexuality is a sin. Like lying and stealing, and it needs to be repented of because ALL SIN is so so ugly to our holy God.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Of Naptime.

Emery and I talked a blue-streak last night. Not about anything in particular, just conversations through the day and observations and such. The problem is, I was tired when we started talking (which was AFTER cleaning up the broken glass and milk that was pulled off the table by someone who's name starts with an H- and ends with an -attie).
So three hours later we finally make it to sleep, and y'all, six hours of sleep just isn't cutting it for this little mama.
A nap would be a delight. If it were wintertime, a warm sunshiny spot would be superb....but since it's a gazillion decrees out (actually it's only 91 F), a dark place under a fan would do quite nicely.
 But but but I can't sleep. Try as I might.

Bet you can guess who IS sleeping though. : ) She's rocking an extra long nap this afternoon, maybe just maybe, she can get enough in for the both of us. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. And even if I could sleep, it would probably take me about four days to regain full consciousness, and I don't think my family would appreciate that overmuch.

Emery should be home in t-minus 15 minutes. Best part of our day, coming right up!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

eating my words....

The other day I replied to a comment on here about cloth diapers. I said I hadn't been using them and didn't intend to until my washing machine got fixed (and thus, we wouldn't be washing everything by hand).
I was wrong. Last night Hattie started having a reaction to our favorite Up and Up diapers. [They "improved" the absorbancy when they should have left well enough alone.] Anyway, I always buy the biggest box on the shelf and now here we are with more than 2/3s of our 180ct box of diapers left, and they're giving Hattie a rash. We broke out the cloth in a hurry.
In the general chaos of our last move, I have no idea where the rest of my diaper stash is, but I've got enough inserts for each cover, AND we still have some of the un-improved diapers from last month hanging around. I think we'll be able to make do.

I've always been thankful for reliable rubber gloves when it comes to hand-washing loads of laundry, but boy, oh, boy am I thankful for them now!

You know, there's a lot of internal debate about announcing new things in one's life. In some situations, you don't want to hurt those closest to you who are struggling in the same area, but you also want others to be able to share in your joy.
We've got joy this week.
Hattie is going to be a big sister come March (Lord willing!). It's still very early on. We lost two babies before having Hattie, and we know it's absolute misery to call the family and tell them the sad news, BUT we'd rather have their prayers over the pregnancy from the start - and should the worst happen, we know we'll have their prayers then. Weathering such grief and loss alone seems immeasurably worse than announcing early and taking the risk.
Oh but we're are THRILLED. I've had baby fever for several months, quite honestly, and I'm so looking forward to watching Hattie grow into the big-sister role. It's going to be hopelessly sweet.

I count it such a blessing to be a part of a community (of family and church family) that loves babies. So many today view babies as disposable. --Turns my stomach to even write that -- But oh the blessing of babies! They truly are an heritage of the LORD!!

We do covet your prayers for this pregnancy. It still seems a bit surreal, but I've been counting my protein intake, and that makes me feel like it really IS real. And you know, prenatal vitamins are stinkin' real.  : /  (and just stinking in general).
I'm also excited/nervous about finding a Dr/Midwife. I'm a little afraid of hospital births, though I've never had one, and I'm hoping we'll be able to find a good Christian midwife to help with the delivery. Of course, it would be ideal if my other-mother could be here again to deliver this baby...but as she lives 7hrs away, I think we'll want another midwife around just-in-case.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Beneath a mass of cold gray clouds,

The sun came up today;

And suddenly the clouds were shining gold

With background only gray.

So in our lives there are sometimes clouds

That fill our hearts with fear,

But when God's love shines on their gloom,

They're touched with the beauty of His care.

-Hattie Elliott, my great-grandmother

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bovine Bliss

This is serious people watching. Though I'm sure we were getting plenty of looks too.

Hattie wasn't in love with the spots, I stuck one of mine on her for the picture because she'd already discarded all of her own.

Loving her little Critter book from the kid's meal. Maybe I shouldn't have traded her last on in for ice cream.

Yay for Free Chick-Fil-A!!
So we were up early this morning, and we decided to be cows first thing. Our CFA is very new, like has only been open 2.5 weeks new, and it's been COVERED UP every time I've driven off-peak hours seemed ideal.
Our cow ears didn't stand up to the rain very well, and Hattie's literally wouldn't stand up at all because they blew off and landed in a puddle as soon as we got out of the car. But my limp-eared calf and I went in for our free chicken.
I haven't dressed up for Cow Appreciation day before. Y'all, we were the only stinkin' cows in the restaurant (that didn't work there at least). I know it was breakfast and they'd only been open an hour, but I expected a few more cows than just us! I was kind of hoping we'd blend in with the herd, I guess. But alas. We did get our entire meal free though and that was a delight....I thought we would just be getting two free entrees, but the girl said we could get whatever we wanted. Score! So we ate and ate and ate. And I suppose since we were cows we 'chewed the cud' a little with some of the workers. It was Bovine Bliss indeed.

Speaking of Bovine, two moves ago we lived near a town called Bovina. You would think with a name like that there would be an unusual number of cows, but there wasn't any more than average. Every time we passed Bovina we'd sing, "Oh Bo-VINA, don't you cry for me. I'm going home to Vicksburg with your hand on my knee" (To the tune of Oh Susanna - and ONLY Emery's hand being the one on my knee). I sure am glad we escaped living in that town, if we had stayed put, that's probably where we would have settled.

Well, I'm thankful for free Chick-Fil-A, and for the LORD putting us right where He wants us. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good News and Bad News

The good news is Hattie and I have been busy getting our spots and ears together in honor of Cow Appreciation Day tomorrow. We'll proudly don our cow attire when free Chick-fil-A is involved.

The bad news is the whole house smells like the King Size Sharpie I used to color the spots......if only we'd had some black construction paper, I wouldn't have had to jeopardize millions of brain cells. And Hattie is my little shadow, so when I moved to the other side of the room to save her from the odor, she followed. Poor dear. I hope I haven't ruined her in the name of free chicken. I just try to remember all the rubber cement and sharpie markers I've been around in school, and I survived (though who KNOWS what I could have accomplished if I'd had all those brain cells!)

Eat Mor Chikin - as the cows say.