Wednesday, July 18, 2012

eating my words....

The other day I replied to a comment on here about cloth diapers. I said I hadn't been using them and didn't intend to until my washing machine got fixed (and thus, we wouldn't be washing everything by hand).
I was wrong. Last night Hattie started having a reaction to our favorite Up and Up diapers. [They "improved" the absorbancy when they should have left well enough alone.] Anyway, I always buy the biggest box on the shelf and now here we are with more than 2/3s of our 180ct box of diapers left, and they're giving Hattie a rash. We broke out the cloth in a hurry.
In the general chaos of our last move, I have no idea where the rest of my diaper stash is, but I've got enough inserts for each cover, AND we still have some of the un-improved diapers from last month hanging around. I think we'll be able to make do.

I've always been thankful for reliable rubber gloves when it comes to hand-washing loads of laundry, but boy, oh, boy am I thankful for them now!

You know, there's a lot of internal debate about announcing new things in one's life. In some situations, you don't want to hurt those closest to you who are struggling in the same area, but you also want others to be able to share in your joy.
We've got joy this week.
Hattie is going to be a big sister come March (Lord willing!). It's still very early on. We lost two babies before having Hattie, and we know it's absolute misery to call the family and tell them the sad news, BUT we'd rather have their prayers over the pregnancy from the start - and should the worst happen, we know we'll have their prayers then. Weathering such grief and loss alone seems immeasurably worse than announcing early and taking the risk.
Oh but we're are THRILLED. I've had baby fever for several months, quite honestly, and I'm so looking forward to watching Hattie grow into the big-sister role. It's going to be hopelessly sweet.

I count it such a blessing to be a part of a community (of family and church family) that loves babies. So many today view babies as disposable. --Turns my stomach to even write that -- But oh the blessing of babies! They truly are an heritage of the LORD!!

We do covet your prayers for this pregnancy. It still seems a bit surreal, but I've been counting my protein intake, and that makes me feel like it really IS real. And you know, prenatal vitamins are stinkin' real.  : /  (and just stinking in general).
I'm also excited/nervous about finding a Dr/Midwife. I'm a little afraid of hospital births, though I've never had one, and I'm hoping we'll be able to find a good Christian midwife to help with the delivery. Of course, it would be ideal if my other-mother could be here again to deliver this baby...but as she lives 7hrs away, I think we'll want another midwife around just-in-case.


  1. Oh yay!!!! I've had chilly bumps the whole time I've been reading your post!! CONGRATULATIONS!! It couldn't happen to a sweeter mommy and family and I'm so excited for you! I'll start now praying for you!! Thank you, Lord!! :)

    -Lacey P

  2. Yes!!!!!! Im so happy for all three of you, this is exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be covering you in prayer everday. Thank you for sharing, and trusting. I know how hard it is. Yipee!!!

  3. So, so happy! I'll be praying!

  4. We're always praying for you here at home! Love you! Give Hattie a hug and kiss for us!

  5. Yay! Many prayers for you and a healthy baby! Love you!

  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy and we will pray for you, the baby and your health. Sorry to have missed you at GC's meeting! Love, Mel

    1. Thanks Melanie! We really missed being at the meeting. Hope y'all made it home safe and sound.

  7. Hopelessly sweet indeed…And you're right about those vitamins. Stinkin to the core. Hoping and praying!!! :)