Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good News and Bad News

The good news is Hattie and I have been busy getting our spots and ears together in honor of Cow Appreciation Day tomorrow. We'll proudly don our cow attire when free Chick-fil-A is involved.

The bad news is the whole house smells like the King Size Sharpie I used to color the spots......if only we'd had some black construction paper, I wouldn't have had to jeopardize millions of brain cells. And Hattie is my little shadow, so when I moved to the other side of the room to save her from the odor, she followed. Poor dear. I hope I haven't ruined her in the name of free chicken. I just try to remember all the rubber cement and sharpie markers I've been around in school, and I survived (though who KNOWS what I could have accomplished if I'd had all those brain cells!)

Eat Mor Chikin - as the cows say.

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