Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My good friend, Gabrielle, has gone on a blogging spree lately, and I declare, it makes me feel like a slacker indeed.
You can find her corner of the internet here. It's a delightful corner with lovely pictures and very few cobwebs.

Can someone tell me how ceiling fans develop cobwebs when they're hardly ever turned off?? I think it would make a spider very very dizzy to spin a web on whirling fan. Someone they manage it because while shifting mattresses last weekend (we turned off the fan for safety) and I spotted the buggers. Of course, we were too busy at the time to fetch the broom and the fan was turned back on lickety-split, and the sad fact is that those webs are just going to have to remain until the crisp fall air rolls in and lets us turn off our a/c for a while.

Every year about this time, folks start bemoaning how early school is starting and how it just seems altogether unreasonable....and I agree, but the fresh starts for the school children, the new notebooks and pencils and delightful supplies...well, they're just bursting with eager anticipation of new friendships and favorite teachers, and maybe for just one day (or maybe an hour), I wish I were experiencing that excitement again.
Or it could be just me. Maybe I enjoy new office supplies altogether more than the majority (though I know my brother, Asa, shares my joy), and that would necessarily affect my perceptions of the dozen of first days of school. Remember in "You've Got Mail" the mention of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. : ) That's the first day of school for you. I am looking forward to fall. Especially the apples. And the smell.

I suppose if school actually started after Labor day, like it used to, then the onset of school really would be closely tied with the start of fall, but alas...such is not the case, we have to swelter through the dog days of summer before we can edge toward fall.

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  1. me too, liz beth, silly spiders. i don't understand their logic. but i do understand the school sentiment…it DOES start early - but at least the muscadines are ripe when it does. at least that's the same.