Monday, July 23, 2012

Of Naptime.

Emery and I talked a blue-streak last night. Not about anything in particular, just conversations through the day and observations and such. The problem is, I was tired when we started talking (which was AFTER cleaning up the broken glass and milk that was pulled off the table by someone who's name starts with an H- and ends with an -attie).
So three hours later we finally make it to sleep, and y'all, six hours of sleep just isn't cutting it for this little mama.
A nap would be a delight. If it were wintertime, a warm sunshiny spot would be superb....but since it's a gazillion decrees out (actually it's only 91 F), a dark place under a fan would do quite nicely.
 But but but I can't sleep. Try as I might.

Bet you can guess who IS sleeping though. : ) She's rocking an extra long nap this afternoon, maybe just maybe, she can get enough in for the both of us. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. And even if I could sleep, it would probably take me about four days to regain full consciousness, and I don't think my family would appreciate that overmuch.

Emery should be home in t-minus 15 minutes. Best part of our day, coming right up!

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