Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrating Small Victories

Confession: sometimes when I'm making a to-do list, I write down the things I've already done that day, just so I can check them off.

And I think that's important. Important to have tangible evidence of what you've accomplished, big or small.

This week, I've been behind. Very behind.
But this morning, I washed the dishes (and unloaded the dishwasher)! For some reason, the unloading of the dishwasher is always a big task for me and I put it off for days. Silly, I know, but I'd rather wash the rest of the dishes by hand than undertake putting all of them away. This week, I ran the dishwasher on Monday and there they have sat until today, and there in the sink sat the rest of the week's dishes unwashed and Icky.
But, thank the LORD, they're taken care of now, and it's a tremendous relief.

No, you're right, washing the dishes isn't a big deal. For me, though, this week, it's huge and I'm going to celebrate it. : )

Yesterday's victories were equally mundane: washing clothes and cloth diapers (ick, yuck eww...please let me not wash cloth diapers by hand again for a long long long time. It was awful), and taking out the trash. 
And I'm proud of my small victories.

Have any victories you're celebrating this week?


  1. I can usually keep up with the things that I need to do, but on certain weeks there are just too many! So, on those weeks I make a list. And let me tell's the BEST feeling to check things off of a list!! I'll come and unload your dishwasher if you'll come and dust and clean my bathrooms. Those are the worst!

    1. haha, I would make a deal with you, but my bathrooms are just as dusty! I think it usually takes company coming or 'nesting' for me to get those spic and span...granted, I will clean the tub and toilet more often, but I neglect the counter and floors pretty badly.
      I hoping this week is just a product of pregnancy fatigue and won't become a trend!

  2. Elizabeth, I find that making a list, even if I don't follow it to a T, motivates me to at least get started and get some things done. Don't be so hard on yourself, especially in your first are bound to be exhausted!

  3. Unloading the dishwasher IS a victory. And it's like vacuuming…most terrible in the thought of it.