Friday, August 24, 2012

Of Apples

I bought some apples for the first time in a Long time the other day. Hattie likes them but can't quite chew them well enough and ends up spitting teeny pieces of apple out all over, and it's not really worth it for me to give them to her anyway.

But today while she's asleep and the house is quite (and I'm hungry as usual), I grab the last apple and take that first entirely too cold bite.
There's this thing about good apples, they never last quite long enough. You bite and you bite and you bite, and before you know it you're on the very edge of the core. I would have been very content to keep eating my apple for another 5 minutes at least, there just wasn't five minutes of apple left.
And so, there's a sadness that comes with eating delicious fruit. They always come to an end.

We had some peaches this week too, and they were the exact same way. So delicious smelling and tasting, like all the good things about summer wrapped up inside one pinkish peel...and then you've eaten it all up. Oh the dismay.

Kroger is just a few miles away though, and they're always sure to have a healthy stock of produce. We already went once this week, and it's against my conscious to go again, but we will. And the anticipation of that yummy fruit is enough to take away the tinge of sadness over my entirely eaten up apple.

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