Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Secrets. I've got one.

I'll tell you my secret, if you don't laugh too hard.

I find great thrill at putting mysterious, attention-getting titles on my posts when they aren't very exciting at all. I also think it's fascinating the audience you can attract when you mention a foreign country, like Malaysia.

In other secretive news, this baby does not like complicated food. Plain Jane is the only way to go. Hattie was like that too about this time, except we were in Oregon at the time and were having to eat out every meal...and those stinking restaurants just couldn't manage to serve me plain grilled cheese or plain mac'n'cheese. They had to dress it up with fancy cheeses and other general ickiness and then charge three dollars extra because I technically ordering from the kid's menu, which is quite a faux pas for adults.

I found Hattie's secret stashing place - and it isn't even under the china cabinet. No, yesterday, I was in search of the wipes, and I was looking ALL over the house. {This is one of the reason I LOVE living in small houses}. I was asking Hattie all the time where she had hidden the wipes, but of course, she could just out and say it. I finally glance at the laundry room door - which is equipped with a cat-door, and I look at Hattie and she starts laughing and laughing as I go to open the door. And there were the wipes, a hair brush, one shoe, a protein bar and a few other mismatched items that my darling girl shoved through the cat-door while I wasn't looking.

We - unsecretively - went to KY last weekend. It was one of those "We didn't know we were going until an hour before we got in the car" kind of trips, but I was glad we went. Emery's dad had heart surgery, and he made it through with flying colors. Thank the LORD.
I have unpacked the bags or started the laundry. But I totally should.
I think I'll just snack on these plain tortilla chips a while longer and see if the mental energy to do laundry comes about. We might be waiting a long time.

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  1. I am just getting out of that plain Jane stage. :) I am now craving anything with buffalo sauce!