Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something that makes me happy....

When July began and my facebook newsfeed was already overrun with political statements, I got discouraged. The elections aren't even until November, I thought, and if facebook is going to be like this and more, I might just do away with it.
I'm afraid I only find politics interesting when the politicians are displaying more wisdom than usual...all of the rest of the time it just makes me sad to think of where our country is headed, and even in the upcoming elections the dismal lack of a good candidate to be president.

But it's an Olympic year, and thank goodness it is!

Because when the Olympics come around people start remembering how much they LOVE being Americans. "USA! USA! USA!" We're all caught up in the energy of the moments, and so excited and proud of our athletes.

It's huge.

We love America. We love being Americans.............even if we only get reminded for two weeks every four years (two counting the winter Olympics), and we need it so badly. When things in Washington look so so grim, we need the occasion to be proud of our nation, and Team USA is doing a great job with that in London. We've already won 26 medals (as of 11:05am)!

I'm sure we've got many rough days ahead concerning Washington and the economy, but for now, the morale is running high as our best and finest athletes represent us on the world's stage.


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