Friday, September 14, 2012


Since we've been married, this is the first place we've lived with a fireplace and mantle. I think that mantle is the primary culprit of why I've been so desirous to decorate for fall.

I went to Michael's today and wasn't too shocked that their fall decor was already marked down (have to make way for Christmas, you know), but I was pleased to find a few things I liked and only spend $15 in the process. Hattie and I got home and started putting it all together, a few pumpkins and silk flowers later, I realize I should have gotten more. But I sacrificed the candles from the table and the mantle was happily balanced. Simple and Festive. Which is to say, just right.

This is a joy and a relief.

Maybe in the next few weeks I'll be able to find some lovely little gourds for my table, and maybe even some larger ones for the by the front door.  I'm embracing "Elegant Economy". {Did you ever read Cranford, by Elizabeth Gaskell? All the inhabitants of that town are just as poor as everyone else, but they pinch their pennies and never discuss their poverty, and so live just as dignified lives as they please...and spend the rest of their time gossiping.}
Anyway, let the place be as pretty as it may; Let the decor not look too cheap; Let me not spend a great fortune doing it. These things will suffice.

Hattie was getting a little antsy while we waited to check out with our goods and I let her hold a pumpkin shaped cookie-cutter. She promptly slid it on her wrist and was much impressed with her new 'bracelet'. : ) I, on the other hand, am looking forward to making pumpkin shaped pancakes in the near future. Maybe even pumpkin-spice, pumpkin shaped pancakes!

Thank you, LORD, for the change in seasons. Thank you for the beauty of each, and the special treasures each hold in store. Help us to enjoy today, for that's all we've been promised, and to glorify you with our whole lives.


  1. Beautiful! I bet Hattie looked quite festive with a pumpkin-shaped bracelet!

  2. Pumpkin gf pancakes are delicious btw! With real maple syrup. Or pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese filing... Sigh.... I love fall and cozy flavors. Your mantle looks lovely! Miss you guys.