Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting my groove back.

I can feel it. The second trimester is getting so close, and I'm beginning to function almost normally. Hooray!

I'm 11.5 weeks along. I tried to take a 'bump' picture and stay on the ball like Lydia (and especially since we're due ONE day apart)...but in one picture I have no head and my belly looks flat and in another taken right after, I do have a head and a Huge belly. haha. I think I'll take the middle ground and assume that both are misleading.

Yesterday, I planned a whole meal. So what, you say? I haven't planned a whole meal since July. Literally. In August, we somehow subsisted on single dish 'meals' (if I managed to cook anything), like grits, instant mashed potatoes, and mac'n'cheese. It was a meager existence.
But yesterday was a delight. Pot roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes, green beans, and homemade pecan pie/ice cream for dessert. : ) It was delicious and made all the more sweeter because I was trying to cook something up that Emery would REALLY enjoy. Today is our anniversary, you see, and it being Wednesday, these evenings are sometimes more rushed as we try to make it to church on time. So I made our big anniversary dinner last night...and we can work on the left overs for a few days too. I was planning to buy some sparking cider or something to make the meal altogether special-er, and I happened upon Virgil's Cream Soda. We both enjoy cream soda now and then, and a natural soda on clearance was all the better, and as it turned out, this was DELICIOUS. Like, could have been a dessert all by itself good. : ) I highly recommend it, if you like cream soda.

I'm so thankful to be able to think, plan, and cook again! Last week, I started back to baking, and that has been nice too, but it's no substitute for real meals.
I'm also not as exhausted by 8pm as I was and have been able to stay a little more on top of the house work.

Want to know something that makes me smile? I made a spinach quiche for lunch today, and I couldn't help but enjoy that my little 16 month old ate it right along with me and was ready to ask for seconds when our bowl was empty. It really is the little things in life.

Have you shopped for anniversary cards lately? I confess, I don't think I've ever bought one for Emery before, but this year I did, and some of the cards were really quite shocking. Of course, there were singing cards and silly picture cards and very bland cards and very crude cards. But there were also some that were perfectly sentimental. "It doesn't matter the size of our ship, as long as I'm sailing with you" Awww. (That's the one I bought, actually, it was enhanced by the fact it had a picture from the 30's of a homely couple sitting in a teeny rowboat and clearly very happy to be thus situated.)

We're going to see "2016" for our real anniversary date tomorrow. You should go see it too, Neal Boortz said so.

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