Monday, September 24, 2012


Y'all my baby is growing up. {Sniff}

She started taking just one nap a day last week. Being out and about for several different things has made it easier for her to forgo the morning nap and we just put her to bed as soon as we get home from the morning errands. AND the best part is that the one nap is a good one most days at 2.5-3hrs. (this baby used to get, you know, twenty minutes at a time...but that was ages ago.)

More exciting than the nap and perhaps directly related to it, we made it through TWO church services yesterday without having to take her out!!!!!!! Hallelujah. We haven't made it through a whole service in what seems like forever.

My wee bairn has reached the second trimester mark. : ) I'd been sure it was a boy up until recently, I've been leaning towards girl the last few days. Only one more month until we find out. Confession: I have been very slack this pregnancy about eating right. I started out unable to eat any of my reliable protein sources (mostly cheese), and then meat became unappealing, and I was cutting corners and not getting enough food for two, much less three {Hattie still nurses, a little}. But I got a stern reprimand from Sister Debbie, and I'm resolved to get back into my old, high-protein habits. I go forth with food journal in hand very much determined to get this wee one the right nutrients to make a good start in the world.
You can learn more about the diet I sort of follow here. It's the Brewer Diet (aka The Blue Ribbon Baby Diet). Pre/Eclampsia is preventable. Most doctors won't tell their patients anything about how to eat for their baby, except concerning 'healthy weight gain'....this infuriates me.

Anyway, back to transitions. Fall started on Saturday, as you probably well know. I'm so looking forward to that crisp fall air and the crunch of leaves beneath our feet. I'm hoping we'll find a pumpkin patch and get to take Hattie, and maybe even a corn maze (though, honestly, that just seems stressful....maybe a hayride instead). I'm excited about pumpkin-everything. Pumpkin baked-oatmeal is on my mind at the moment, but I haven't quite decided how I need to alter the recipe to include the pumpkin. More oats?

Oh oh oh, one more. I'm making yogurt today! Raw milk yogurt and I'm uber excited about it. : )

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Little Hattie is growing up! Would love to see her again, and can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or a girl. I love hearing the sex of babies, and while I know it is a personal choice of every couple, every couple should choose to know the sex. Ha! Good for you with the food journal, preeclampsia is not something you want to play with, so I also endorse high protein :-). Do you know Bethany will be four this year, and most days she still takes a 2.5-3 hour nap. There are some days when she doesn't get that long, or doesn't get one, and those days are what I like to call torture. Even the kids I babysit take a nap. It is a must! I enjoy reading your posts! Love you!

    1. I sure their nap is as much a must for YOU as it is for them! : )

    2. Yeah, I really don't care if they fall asleep, but they do lay down for a specific time after lunch until J's bus comes. I have a trick. I tell them that they have to put their noses in the corner of the sofa and they can't come out until I say. This pretty much assures sleep in about 5 mins...

  2. Yay for long naps! I'm sure you have enjoyed the longer time to get things done around the house, rest, or just enjoy some time to yourself. I'm making an effort to be more dedicated to eating better. I had a little "come to Jesus" moment at the grocery store today as I was staring at the lunch meat. It's on the ever-so-long no-no list, but it's such an easy, healthy, and quick way to get protein at lunch. I decided that I will take the less than 1% chance of it having bacteria and I bought some. I did buy a brand with less nitrates and I won't eat it constantly. But, I decided that the protein and having more options is important. All that to say, I need to get out a food journal and start documenting my protein intake too. You're a good motivator!

    1. I bought lunch meat yesterday too. But I don't feel bad about it. 'Oscar Meyer Selects' is nitrite-free, and we've been buying that version of lunch meat, bacon, and hotdogs lately. (Though we kind of lived off of hotdogs in August, and I'm not keen on them right now).
      Getting the protein and nutrition is more important to me than following the so called 'rules'.
      Keeping a food journal really is helpful to me because it keeps me accountable to reaching my goals, and I can see what I've eaten than day (rather than having to rely on my memory, which is fuzzy at best) of whether I've eaten well or not.