Friday, October 12, 2012

A week of Fridays

It's been a funny week. Monday felt like Friday and Tuesday felt like Friday, and I felt the rest of the week would follow suite. But then I got sick, and Wednesday was just an awkward Wednesday since I stayed home from church that night. Thursday was more like Saturday because I was feeling better  was kill-the-germs mode. Today though, today IS Friday (and it could just as easily pass for a Tuesday as far as I'm concerned).
It's also practically the middle of October, and it's supposed to be 88 degrees tomorrow. Um, hey fall, where are you? I kind of need you to show up so we can have a nice crisp day to go the pumpkin patch before the month is out. Can you do that for me?? Pretty please?
We'll probably have to wear shorts and flip-flops and get eaten alive by mosquitoes, all in the name of "fall memories". And you know what? That's something I'm willing to endure because I want fun family memories for my children, and I want to be diligent about forming our traditions now (and keeping them up in the years to come). If we stay in central Mississippi for years to come, the heat at the pumpkin patch will just have to become a part of our family tradition too. If we ever move north, then I'm sure I'll get enough crisp days to satisfy me.

You know, I think it's pretty amazing how our bodies adjust to the conditions around us. When it's 100+ degrees in the summer, a day that only gets up to 85 feels right pleasant. The converse is true in the winter. I lived in Maryland for just shy of a year, and early in the spring (well, it might have been February) I remember being outside with only fleece pullover for a jacket and thinking what a BEAUTIFUL day it was, and so 38 degrees!

Adjusting to parenthood is kind of like that too, but it takes a little longer to transition. Those first few months with a new baby, it seems that the ONLY things you can think about are your baby and your spouse....everyone else will just have to fend for themselves for a while. You do learn and adjust, and the baby learns and adjusts, and before you know it you've left the gigantic diaper bag behind and don't have any problem leaving the house with just a few diapers and wipes. {Or maybe that's just me. My diaper bag would get everything in the world stuffed in it, by the entire family, and it was back-breaking to carry it around all the time. So I quit.}
I'm thankful the LORD blesses us to adjust to change, even if it's a little uncomfortable. That reassures me that we will successfully transition to having two children in a few months.

I saw on another blog yesterday a first-time mom's to-do list before her baby arrives. It was very thorough and well thought out for certain. I remember having similar things floating around in my mind that just had to be done before Hattie was born. This time around, I feel about as laid back as I can imagine. We need to get a cradle/Moses basket/bassinet eventually, diapers, and if it's a boy a few clothes...but these are the only things on my list and it's honestly very refreshing. That's not to say I didn't LOVE registering for Hattie's things and shopping and getting ready for her, oh, I did. But if we can save a few shopping trips and a lot of money, I'm more than willing to just buy what we'll need and not have a bunch of extra stuff taking up the already precious space in our home.
Oh, I forgot, I do need a new diaper bag. My last one, was poisoned with mildew and I had to throw it out. **Learn from my mistakes: don't forget about used nursing pads ever. That was the ruination of my really nice bag. Actually the nursing pads mildew surprisingly quickly, and made our garbage stink really bad, even though the poopy diapers didn't (at least until Hattie was about 9 months old).**
Anyway, even with the diaper bag, that's only about four things to work towards and I'm glad to get to spend these next five months mostly soaking up Hattie's sweetness and enjoying our special time, just the two of us.

Well, I hope your Friday feels like a Friday, and I hope whatever change it taking place in your life is transitioning smoothly and with lots of grace.

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