Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby's Mobile....original ideas

Embroidery Hoop Baby Mobile. :)

I think it's an original idea, which is a tremendous surprise in these pintrest laden days. I love all the embroidery hoop wall hangings people are doing this days, and my mobile stemmed from that. It's not really my mobile, of course, it's baby Sayre's...and I hope she'll enjoy looking at it.

{Did you catch that? It's a she! Our detailed ultrasound is still a month off, and theoretically, things could change, but the nurse seemed pretty confident.}
We're planning on keeping her name a secret until she's born. It was a lot of fun announcing Hattie's name after she was born, and I think that's how I'd like it to be again. :)

Sweet Baby Hattie has a fever today. We was a little out of sorts this morning (i.e. not eating much), but she seemed okay otherwise. So we headed to church. By the time we arrived she did have a fever and was so lethargic, it was very pitiful. We stayed a little while, before she and I came on home and put her to bed. Poor dear. 


  1. Cute! I'm gathering ideas to make a mobile. There are too many cute ideas! Hope Hattie is feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks! I know, I looked around pintrest for a while before I decided to do it this way, and it's pretty overwhelming. And then Etsy has lovely ones for SO much money...I was glad to only spend maybe $20 on ours and just a couple of hours here and there.