Friday, October 26, 2012

Butter Love

A month or two ago, Emery and I were watching the Create Channel (which is like HGTV for PBS but less cool), and a new show came on called Clodagh's Irish Food Trails. This show intrigues us for two reason: the Irish accents (sometimes so thick we don't even know what they're saying) and that she mostly visits local farmers' markets and tells small farm kind of stories.
One of Clodagh's sponsors is Kerrygold. This company has a fabulous slogan that we can't help but imitate in our best Irish accent "Kerrygold. Not just from Ireland. Of Ireland."

And then it happened. On Tuesday. Kroger sells Kerrygold butter! I'm not sure it they just started or if I just noticed, but I was elated (this only added to the excitement of this shopping trip). In spite of the hefty $5.99 for 1/2lb price tag, I just had to get it...because it's not just from Ireland, it's of Ireland.

It has taken me a few days to get around to trying it since we're mostly a gluten-free household and toast doesn't happen everyday. But we finally did this afternoon, and man, that IS some good butter. It's got to be the of Ireland part that makes it so yummy. We might just have to buy Kerrygold for eating and plain old Kroger brand for cooking.

On a somewhat related note, we watched America's Test Kitchen last night, and they were making croissants. {If you haven't seen the show, they test recipes and come up with the very best way of making particular dishes - including which ingredients make a difference in how the recipe turns out}. Apparently croissants are a thoroughly time-consuming venture, and must take every bit a full day with all the resting, rising, chilling, and rolling out of the dough....but what makes the difference is using King Arthur All-Purpose Flour and European butter. European butter has 3% more fat than American style, and somehow that extra fat really helps make fluffy croissants.
Of course, the butter issue - while interesting - really wouldn't have matter much to me had I not had European style butter in my fridge at that very moment. We're butter people, and good butter matters...and what's more, good fats matter, so I think I'll happily buy my Irish butter and repeat the slogan over and over (in my best accent) every time we use it.
Kerrygold. Not just from Ireland. Of Ireland.


  1. Hahaha! So funny :) I didn't care much about butters until I met my husband. I was using margarine on my toast and Jaren basically refused to have toast with me until we had real butter in the house lol. But now I'll look at our grocery store to see if they have this special Kerrygold of Ireland :)

    1. Emery is serious about his butter too. I used it before we were married, but for him, more butter is always better. :)

  2. I think I'll look for some Kerrygold butter, as well. Hey, Liz, you should see if they'll advertise here on your blog! Maybe you'll earn some free butter! LOL!! ;)