Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In the six months we've lived here, I've been trying to figure out which is the positively best day to do our shopping at Kroger. At first, I avoided Wednesdays because of it being senior day, but then I decided that seniors like babies and I like double-coupons (when I have them), so it was fairly a win-win. Then, I had a little extra food one week and waited until Thursday to do the shopping. Now, when we we lived in Vicksburg, Thursday was my shopping day of choice because it coincided with payday, but I also did the groceries at Walmart - and since they hardly ever mark anything down, it didn't matter much when I shopped. Thursdays at Kroger are okay. A few things marked down, but not enough to get excited about, and Mondays are the same. Friday through Sunday I try to avoid Kroger because everyone and their brother and sister and cousin seem to be there...and I prefer a little space when I shop.
AND THEN I FOUND IT! Holy Grail of Krogering experiences: TUESDAY. {Cue angelic chorus}

Y'all, it was fabulous. Lots of marked down meats. $34 worth of organic olive oil for $13! Organic Eggs marked down. It was way better than being a kid in a candy store---I know this because I DID buy some Skittles and Starbursts last Friday, and they've caused nothing but turmoil and headaches, hello Red 40! It had been forever since I'd indulged in those candies, and I'm determined it will be an even longer forever before I do so again---anyway, I think I've finally found my ideal shopping day. Hooray! And here's hoping today's experience wasn't just a fluke!

In the midst of typing this post, I realize my extreme goofiness in making the timing of my grocery trip a science. To further prove this point, I could tell you that I don't go to Kroger before 10am because of the grumpiness of the workers and because they may not have had time to get all the clearance stickers in place. Neither do I go after 3:30 - if I can help it - because all the people coming home from school or work will both get in my way and pick over the marked down items, that I, very selfishly, want for myself. So there you have it. Goofy. But I like to think of it as being a diligent home economist. It's got a better ring to it, don't you think?


  1. It is a science! And I say it's just part of our job as home economist. I do our shopping at WalMart and Aldi. I usually go on Monday, just because I went once on a Monday and now it's my routine. I haven't figured out any pattern to how Aldi marks down things. Sometimes when I go on Monday they'll have a list of "daily manager specials," but other times they don't.

    1. I LOVE ALDI!!! Very sadly, the only one in the state is nearly 4 hours away. I did the majority of our shopping there in Memphis. I usually went on Wednesdays and since some of the name-brand items are first come, first serve, that was usually my best bet (but I don't ever think I came across 'clearance items').
      I did write to Aldi and tell them they ought to build stores around Jackson, but so far they haven't really listened. I might need to write again. :)