Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my first visit to the state fair, oh and Hattie's too

It's state fair season. In Georgia, the state fair was always held several hours away from where I grew up, and being as we weren't exactly farm people, we never went.
In Mississippi, however, the fair is held right in Jackson and that is thoroughly convenient for us. We went this afternoon when everything was free and delightful. Hattie LOVED loved LOVED the petting zoo. She was so excited to see those animals and she squealed with delight if her teeny fingers got to touch one. She was in no hurry to leave either.
Pigmy goat (halfway behind the food dispenser)

Sheep...who couldn't have cared less about us upon realizing we didn't have any of the coveted carrots. {Because $2 for a sandwich sized baggie of carrot slices is way too extravagant for me}
 And then there were pig races! This was hilarious. Po-dunk and hillbilly, but very enjoyable nonetheless. My favorite part was when those piggies came running out of their trailer and into their starting positions for the race. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh. Pig number 5 won, and I guess he's spared from becoming bacon for another day. There was also a farm animals exhibit, most of which we couldn't pet, but we did get to pet baby ducks and Hattie made friends with a little goat.
We didn't eat any funnel cake.
The hope of eating funnel cake and Hattie enjoying the animals were my motivating factors in going to the fair at all. But, I'm not sorry, and I'm sure if I had asked, Emery would have gotten me some. As it happened, the 'food court' of the fair just about put me into sensory overload with the combination of aromas from the BBQ, corndogs, donuts and other artery-clogging delicacies (and of course, there was the manure wafting around too).
Loretta Lynn is going to be performing tonight....she kind of seems like she's probably too old even for Branson, but I guess not. I always think of a brand of generic cookies we ate growing up when I hear her name. They might have been 'Laura Lynn Cookies', but in my mind it was Loretta Lynn.

Going to the fair reminds me how suburban I am. How I don't and probably never will own muck-boots, and how I'm okay with that.

Here's a cutie for the road....

First tights-wearing day of the Fall.


  1. I miss going to the fair! Next year, we will have to come down and I will split a funnel cake with you!

  2. I think she's a country girl at heart!! Glad y'all had a great day!
    Love you!