Tuesday, October 2, 2012

stories and parties

In Memphis, we lived in a townhouse. Some afternoons, our neighbor's children would come home from school and turn up a beat...and sometimes I would leave the house to escape the noise. But come Saturday mornings, we may or may not have awakened those children with soulful renditions of Allison Krauss' "Oh Atlanta" . Not every Saturday, but more than once for certain. And with such a song, you can't help but stomp your foot a little, and we did have the creakiest floors known to man. Details, details.

Yesterday I came across a party idea (via pintrest, of course). A Favorite Things Party. I'm not planning on throwing any parties anytime soon, but I did think that such theme would be a lot of fun for a first-time-mom's baby shower. The guests could bring their favorite {most useful} baby item (though, unless there were other expectant women invited, I don't suppose they'd need to bring more than one) for the momma and share stories of their favorite parts of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood. I think a favorite things party would be fun just as it is - and I can totally see the Fulmer's throwing one in the near future (they always throw the best parties!) --and really anything remotely "Sound of Music" related has got to be enjoyable.

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