Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Granana, Granola, Banana

We like all of those things around here. Hattie doesn't differentiate much between her Granana and her favorite snack suggestion, banana (which suggestion can only be made when she taps her cheek to think about what she would like)....but we're working on it and are busy looking at pictures of Granana, and hopefully next week when we arrive in Georgia she won't be expecting Grandpa and lots of bananas.

Her other favorite snacks are apples and string cheese. Ap-ple. Cheeese.
I can't help but smile to watch her open her mouth as wide as it will go to get a bite off of that apple.
She's always ready to suggest a walk too. Except she puts some phlegm emphasis between the L and the K. It's kind of like walghk. She probably picked that up during the couple of weeks I battled some sinus congestion/cough. Maybe all my words sounded like that.
She really is a little mirror, sometimes to my dismay. She's taken up groaning when she picks something up or gets up out of the floor, and she's so dramatic about it. Oye. I've tried to decrease my groans, but sometimes by the end of the day, that just isn't possible. Last night, I was stretching my back out, and there's Little Miss right after me, holding her back and bending over. I was actually holding on to the door frame, so she could work on her form a little, but still. I reckon if that's the worst habit she picks up from us, we're doing alright, but I'm certain it won't be.

My missing slipper was found yesterday. I was almost convinced it had been thrown away, and I was almost ready to throw the other one away (there is a small hole in the sole anyway), but Hattie pulled the missing one out of the bottom drawer in the bathroom and seemed to think nothing of it. It was right where she left it, why should she be surprised? I just wish I had remembered where she had left it. I am thankful for toasty toes this morning though! Now if only she'll tell me where she's hidden her pajama shirt.

I love this time of the year. {I love most times of the year, actually, but this one is extra nostalgic.} I love getting the ball rolling towards Christmas. Having our Christmas cards ordered and having the majority of our extended families gifts neatly tucked away. I love the festivities. The celebrations that will commence just after Thanksgiving. I love fresh cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I love wearing leggings most of the time and cozy sweaters. I enjoy dressing Hattie up in tights and boots. The wassail. The family. The gingerbread houses. It all makes me smile. I like smiling.

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  1. I read this one out loud to Grandpa, and we were both laughing! We can't wait to see y'all! And we want to watch Hattie imitate Mommy and Daddy! We're praying for traveling mercies for everybody, and are looking forward to Thanksgiving...and Christmas in November! Love you!