Monday, November 12, 2012

I think I love this day.

Emery's off today for Veteran's Day, and like anyone, we're MORE than happy to take a three-day weekend where we can get it!

The morning started with the steel gray skies of the approaching winter and a pot of oatmeal. The first wintery sky makes me eager for cozy sweaters and the nostalgic comfort foods of the season. Accordingly, we made a pumpkin pie this afternoon. It was thoroughly delectable (especially with ice cream And whipped cream.)

Hattie had the joy and privilege of playing with Dominos, playing cards, and a Jacob's Ladder toy today for the first time. I love to watch her little mind at work while she explores new things. Does a mama's heart good.

A homemade haircut. A trip to Walmart. A sweet day with my sweet family.

PS: We've been singing the scale with Hattie lately. Her favorite note is Sol, though Do and Me come out sometimes too. :)

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