Thursday, November 8, 2012

Motherly decisions

This morning, I faced three choices. Sleep. Shower. Or blog. I wanted to do them all, but that felt impossible (especially since naps haven't been Hattie's strong suite the last two days). So, I laid down. Unable to sleep, but thankful for a little rest, I was able to shower and here I am blogging away. Three cheers for....getting it all in!
Six months ago, it would have been solely between sleep and shower, but those were the days when Hattie wasn't sleeping through the night, and I was a little more tired.
By now, you all know that Obama won the election. I don't pretend to understand it, but I do feel like the economy will tank and there will be an large increase in job loss and food prices will probably rise considerably too. All that to say, I'm planning to start stocking up....not to the extreme that my parents do, but I have cleaned out some cabinet space to store extra goods. Emery and I have lately decided that our hobby is most accurately moving. Whether we like it or not. And not wanting to move 150lbs of extra food is one reason we're not going bulk storage.
I was thinking yesterday about how some people have certain ages/stages that are their favorite in babies and children. I know some who love the newborn phase and some who love 6-9 months etc. I have honestly loved every phase of Hattie's life. But I think 18 months is my favorite so far. I'll probably be saying that I love whatever age she's at the most, but we really do have so much fun together right now. She's saying so many words I can understand, and we dance and laugh. She also stomps her feet when she's mad that something isn't going her way, and some days she whines and whines till I'm almost crazy with it....but largely life is so enjoyable. :)
On Monday, we hit our twentieth week of pregnancy! Half way to baby! It's still a little surreal at times. I mean, I look pregnant (and my pastor lovingly pointed out the other Sunday that he would need longer arms to hug me. ...uh. thanks). and I'm feeling the baby move frequently, but the thought of really having a newborn in just 4.5 months is delightfully shocking. And I can't wait.


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    1. I should mention that my pastor is somewhere between 6'6 and 6'8. He doesn't need longer arms to hug ANYONE. Least of all me!