Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Old Fashioned

During our stay in Georgia this past week, my parents' neighbor,  Ms. Neva, dropped by some leftover desserts from her family's Thanksgiving. Ms. Neva can always be counted on to bring the leftovers from any family gathering because she always goes overboard in how much she buys/makes for the event, which usually consists of six people or less. My parents, on the other hand, have six people in their house everyday, and more at holidays - 18 this week (plus two on the way) - and Ms. Neva knows whatever she may bring will get eaten and will not get thrown away. So, she always comes bearing gifts. :)
In particular, she brought a huge apple cake, the recipe from which is circa 1922 and required cooking the icing on the stove and stirring with a wooden spoon. I'll testify that the cake was indeed delicious. So much so, that there were other apple cakes to be had at the house, but I always opted or the one I knew was excellent (though I didn't doubt the goodness of the others at all).

I like old fashioned recipes. Not the vintage ones that are trendy now because those are usually laden with Jello and Crisco and margarine.....but I like the ones that don't call for any fancy equipment or technique, just pure and honest recipes that may turn out homely but delicious results. Truth is, rarely does anything in the gluten-free category end up stunningly beautiful anyway and the second truth is that my baby is not very trusting of noisy appliances (mixers, choppers, vacuums etc). These truths I'm sure contribute to my liking for non-fancy & simple recipes.
If I can't mix something up by hand in my great-grandmother's green mixing bowl with a wooden spoon, I'd just as soon not have that recipe in my collection, thank you very large.

I also like old fashioned toys and it did my little heart good to watch my nieces and nephew spend the majority of the week playing with wooden trains and blocks (and occasionally Mr. Potato Head). There were a lot of lessons in sharing with the six of them four and under, but they had a fun time together. Hattie hasn't stopped talking about "Eliyot". And when he comes to mind, she can't help but say his name half a dozen times or so. Meagan, we'll have to skype again soon!

In rapid order this past week, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Picked out and cut down a Christmas tree - and that was no easy feat with 18 different opinions on which was the perfect tree. Decorated the house and then had Christmas morning on Saturday. Knocking out both holidays in one fell swoop. We ate too much. Visited a lot. Chased children a good bit. And laughed more than we ate.

And yet, our little Home Sweet Sayre Home still provides the sweetest repose, no matter how enjoyable the time away.
The pilgrims are packed away, replaced by reds and golds and stockings on the mantle. Fake mistletoe hangs on the wall (until we can figure out a method of retrieving the real stuff from our tree out from. The old fashioned way would be to shoot it down, but alas, we live inside the city limits.)

It's been hard to remember that it isn't December yet.

It's chilly and gray today. Perfect for celebrating Emery's unbirthday. That's a surprise though. He's probably expecting cake on his real birthday later this week, but shouldn't be looking for it today. Carrot cake with maple-cream cheese icing. I hope it's delish. I did leave the cinnamon out of the cake altogether (forgetful!), but I threw some in the icing to make up for it and I think that will be extra good.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with your family! Apple cake and carrot cake both sound delightful! Yum yum!

  2. We loved having y'all here for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and our grandchildren were a joy (as well as the "big kids")! We love you!

    1. funny that the 'big kids' are smaller than half of the younger ones. :) Thanks for having us!!