Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Rambling

When Emery and I were young (ahem, before we were parents), we enjoyed just riding around together. Seeing what we could see. Picking out the houses we wouldn't mind living in, and occasionally searching out forgotten bridges {mostly for Emery's benefit, of course}.
And then Hattie came along, and she didn't seem to have much patience for the practice, so we mostly stopped exploring. Mostly.

Today was an exception. An exceptional exception.

Fog hung in the air as we left the house this morning. We rode out into the country and hunted up an old bridge across the Pearl River, and then another crossing the same river. A few small towns and a trip to Sonic later, we hit the interstate headed for Vicksburg (which is actually where I thought we were going first).

Vicksburg - our old stomping ground - boasts a new Mississippi River museum, complete with a dry-docked boat for wandering through. To sweeten the deal, it's free! Chasing an 18 month old through a museum can be challenging, but thankfully, this one had enough interactive displays to keep Hattie's attention (somewhat), and I thought they were a lot of fun. My favorite involved basically a faucet and a pan of sand....the idea was to dam up the water and make channels and watch how the water flows through it.
I grew up playing in a little creek in the woods. We were always damming up the stream and breaking the dams, and thought we were big stuff if our man-made 'pond' achieved four inches deep. Playing in the little exhibit at the museum was gloriously satisfying.

We took Hattie to play on the playground at Catfish Row, and then we went to the Outlets Mall.
I have very frugal expectations, and often anything priced outside of my realm of reasonable won't receive a second glance. But y'all Bass shoes for $12 is WELL within my price range (I got two pair), and really under $50 for Bass shoes doesn't hurt my feelings (and Emery got two pair too). Quality goods within my price-range delight me.

With our windows rolled down and the rush of the wind in our ears, we headed home. Tired from shopping and playing and being in the sunshine, but altogether happy because we had the blessing of being together without distraction all day. No phone calls, no TV, no internet. Just beautiful family. My favorite kind of day.

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