Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bread and butter

I've had bread and butter on my mind. Not just any loaf of sandwich bread, mind you. No, it had to be a round load of 'white mountain bread' from the bakery section. Don't ask me what makes it mountain bread because I haven't the foggiest, but ooh, slathered up with some good (kerrygold) butter. yummmo.
Whilst I was pregnant with Hattie, I learned that food cravings (during pregnancy) are often foods from our childhood. Fascinating, I know. And this white mountain bread falls into that very category. When I was 10-12, our church would pick up the out-of-date baked goods from a local grocery store on a given weekend each month. Then, that Sunday all the church members would take their pick of the breads and pastries. Sometimes, the french bread was hard enough to play baseball with and sometimes everything had been crushed terribly, but when the white mountain bread was to be had, oh, that was good eating. And there's something especially satisfying about ripping off a hunk of bread.
I haven't had any white mountain bread since, until today! It was just as delicious as I remembered and I wasn't even about to glance at the ingredients. {Cravings seem to put my conscience at ease more than anything else while grocery shopping. ha.}

We had a lovely Christmas. We kept things small, and did without a Christmas tree, but I liked it. I also liked that putting away all our Christmas decorations this morning was an easy endeavor. They all fit into a small-ish box anyway...except the outside lights, and those will just have to come down whenever Emery can make time for it.

Now, if we can just manage to remember that it's not Monday, we'll be doing alright.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve-ing

A refreshingly busy day at home. But it's not required busyness, that makes it happier.

There's a funny thing about gluten-free foods (desserts especially), they're really only enjoyable at the peak of freshness...which is to say the day you've baked them or maybe the day after. It's a small window of opportunity before whatever it is turns into dry crumbs or moldy icky-ness. So, while I've felt some pressure to get busy doing Christmas, I've just had to be patient and not do it until what seems like the last minute. But it really isn't the last minute because we're staying home and we're not doing any extra entertaining, and that means everything is right on time. :)
I'm planning on doing our big Christmas dinner this evening, and maybe tomorrow we can just loaf around in our pajamas and reheat leftovers (and reheat leftovers and reheat leftovers). Sounds like an easy plan as far as I'm concerned.

I was also thinking of starting a new tradition: alliterative Christmas dinners. Yes, it does sound nerdy. I don't care. This year we're having Pork (chops with cranberries), mashed Potatoes, Pecan pie....and perhaps I can think up some other P item to work in there. Maybe next year we could do C and have Cornish Hens, Cream Corn, Cabbage, and some sort of Casserole. I think it has potential to be a lot of fun. And it could be kind of adventuresome....we could do a goose one year and maybe a duck another. I've always wanted to try to cook a goose. When we lived in Vicksburg, the Walmart always kept one frozen goose out by the chicken cutlets. I was so tempted to buy it several times. This alliterative dinner would give me a could excuse to do so.

Last year, I tried to do the "12 days of Christmas" for Emery. Which is to say a different gift for every day and theoretically they should coordinate with the number of the day (a dozen cookies, or something like that). But I got too excited and gave him all the gifts the day I bought them. {I even had them wrapped and everything.} This year, however, our roles have reversed a little and he's been the one saying "I could give you one of your gifts right now." To which, I smile and reply that he's worse than me. I haven't been nearly as tempted this year to give him his gifts early. Of course, Emery and I are both the type the say we don't need anything for Christmas, and we agree that we shouldn't get each other gifts, and them we always do. I don't know why. That's just the way it is.

I hope you all have a Merry merry merry Christmas. Enjoy your loved ones. Savor the smiles and hugs. Be thankful.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

These days

I keep thinking Christmas should be on Monday....and having to wait until Tuesday is going to be kind of hard. But I'm mostly glad/thankful Hattie and I get to have Emery home to ourselves for four days in a row. Him having time off plus us being home has been a rare happening around here.

Emery's work had a Christmas lunch on Wednesday. We signed up for cookies (because the ones we brought to the Thanksgiving lunch were very well-received). At the end of the day, one of his coworkers saw him carrying the dish home and said, "Wait, you brought those? How are you not 400lbs?" I guess he liked 'em.  They were the peanut butter chocolate chip variety. Gluten free, of course, and extra easy.

Speaking of food, I told myself we'd have fish and rice for dinner tonight. Fish is healthy. We have several packages in the freezer. The plain fact remains though, I just don't like fish - at least not these days. Maybe Baby Sayre is the one who doesn't really like it. Either way, it hasn't been a frequent visitor on our table in several months...and I still feel compelled to at least put it on our menu occasionally, but usually neither of us want it and we eat out instead. So much for frugality and meal planning. Oye.

Do you ever read Kisses from Katie? She doesn't blog very often, and I probably only stop by her corner of the internet once a month or less...but I'm always blessed by it. In some ways, I kind of live vicariously through her posts. That probably sounds funny, considering her posts are full of the raw emotion of living in Africa as a single woman, struggling to show the love of Jesus to the very sick and needy around her, but at the same time there's such a 'romance' about living a life like that, a life that, from the outside, seems hugely meaningful to the Kingdom of Christ. {Please don't confuse that sentiment to say that I don't feel like my life in suburbia isn't meaningful. That isn't it at all.} And yet, with all the good this woman is doing, her posts speak largely of her weakness and her great need of the Strength of the Savior. Of his great love when ours is so small.
That's the part that's the blessing. That's the reminder I need most.
 I. am. needy. and I am oh so weak and frail. But God! God's strength is made perfect in weakness. (2Cor12:9)
I'm so thankful we have a BIG GOD. A God who doesn't need us to let him do anything. ('But our God is in the heavens, he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.' --I don't remember the reference on that one).
And He's sovereign over all situations. That's what that means, you know, the doing whatever he pleases part. It means we just have to trust.
It was December three years ago when we had our first miscarriage. I didn't want to let go of that baby, I didn't want to surrender him to the Lord, even though he was never really mine to begin with. Emery and I were still newlyweds. Only four months into our marriage, still getting to know each other, really. And there we were, with wounded hearts, far away from our families and somehow trying to survive together. The Lord was with us. The prayers of our loved ones were with us. Emery and I grew closer together and clung to the promises of God. That was all we could do, but HIS grace was sufficient for our trials. I'm confident it always will be.
I know there will be so many other dark valleys to walk through in the days ahead, but I also know we won't be walking through them alone. And that's a comfort to me.
God is good, all the time. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Note to self and the communication dilemma

  • If you try to make a pot of chili and a pot of wassail at the same time...the house ends up smelling like some crazy Thai food. {Don't do it!}
  • I had another one for this note to self section, but I've already forgotten it because my brain is nonfunctional. Just ask that lady I was trying to talk to yesterday; I'm sure I made zero sense in all that babbling. Oh well, I'm growing a person. I think I can remember that much for my excuse!
  • Oh, I remembered. Instant coffee (decaf, of course) is thoroughly delicious in ice cream and chocolate milk, but don't go trying to drink a cup of it.

I got off of facebook a little under two weeks ago. It probably won't end up being permanent, but I'm enjoying feeling challenged to pick up the phone and call the people in whose lives I'm interested....rather than just clicking on their profile, seeing what they're up to, and going on about my day. I want to maintain real relationships. I don't have much time to sit down and call people or write letters, but how much more meaningful is a quick chat on the phone than stalking someone's wall? {You and I both know full well it's about a gazillion times more meaningful.} So, that's what I'm trying to do; to call my friends and tell them I love them - even if it's just on their voicemail.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Answered Prayers!

Y'all, prayer works. And God is the GREAT physician!

My sonogram 6 weeks ago showed that the baby's placenta was in the way of the birth canal, and it had a pretty long way to go to get out of the way. But today (we went in after a brief bleeding scare), the sonogram showed that placenta plenty out of the way and everything looking great! Glory Be!

I am so thankful.

Of course, the need for a c-section may yet arise, but for now, we have the hope of a natural delivery...and that is SUCH a relief to this girl. Praise the LORD.

Baby Sayre is a whopping 2lbs and 1oz. I sure do love this sweet weetle baby and I can't wait to meet her!

Friday, December 14, 2012 could say that.

I guess I lied to you yesterday. I didn't mean to. About all the smooth sailing and I'm so not in the nesting phase yet. After I blogged all that, I made a list. {probably my first mistake.} I'm not one to let my lists gather any dusts, and off I went pulling things out of closets and getting organized. Which closets were formerly organized enough to appease me, until I thought of a baby's arrival, and then it seemed all was sadly disheveled.
---disheveled. is dis- the prefix? and is so, then is anything really heveled? or is like couth? You can be uncouth, but you can't be couth.---
But don't you worry your pretty little head about it all because Hattie's room has been happily rearranged, the car seat and bouncer seat pads have been washed. Itty bitty pink clothes are scheduled to hop in the washing machine next....and it's all just so satisfying to undertake, I almost wish I had a longer list. Almost.

Hattie can't stop pulling out baby clothes from the basket and declaring each one in her hand "CUTE!"

I also reorganized the linen closet. How could anyone bring a baby into the world with an untidy linen closet? I cannot. (Even though I know in three months, when the baby actually arrives, it will probably be in need of another good once over.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

25.5 weeks pregnancy update

This pregnancy going by super fast it seems. At the OB's office today, the scheduling girl said, "Okay, we'll see you in two weeks". What! How can we already be to this point?! It seems like it should be another month at least before appointments are scheduled for every two weeks.
We did the one hour glucose test today. I managed to get away without it during Hattie's pregnancy (mostly because the office forgot the day I was supposed to do it, and then I switched to a midwife....and she, well, she wasn't the epitome of professionalism. Let's just say that). It wasn't that bad afterall, even though I was kind of nervous. I really don't want any other diagnoses on my chart other than pregnancy, if I can help it. I decided that if I ate enough protein before I took the test that would help my blood sugar regulate better, so Hattie and I had extra helpings of eggs and milk this morning.
{I just made up that theory, btw. It seems to work in the first trimester with nausea and all, so why not now when we're knocking on the door of the third?}
The nurse did come back and tell me anything was wrong, so I'm happy to assume my numbers came back in the normal range.

At my last OB visit, the sonogram showed placenta previa. Which translates to it's in the way of the birth canal and if it doesn't move, then we'll have to have a c-section. :( At the time they said they would rescan at 31weeks, but today they said they'd look again in two weeks, which only puts me at 27.5 weeks. I would prefer that we had those three-ish extra weeks to pray that placenta will move, but y'all join me now in praying hard it will get out of the way enough for us to be able to have a natural delivery.

Baby Sayre is an active little thing, and Hattie just loves to pat my belly and give little sister hugs and kisses.

It's kind of amazing the differences between Hattie's pregnancy and this one. Last time, I spent so much time dreaming and researching (everything!). Should we get a mini-crib, portable-crib, full-size, and/or a pack'n'play? What kind of car seat? (They ALL have mixed reviews) What about baby monitors? (Ask me if we've ever really used them. Nope.) Should we cloth diaper? (Bought some, used 'em occasionally. Actually, I really like Up and Up brand of disposable diapers at Target. Can't beat the price AND you don't have to wash them or scrape poo off. Win-win) What kind of bottles should we register for, just in case? (Breastflow. Hattie never learned to drink from them, but it was a comfort to have three or four bottles around)
I really got fixated on every little point because I wanted to get the best deal - you know me! - and I didn't want a whole lot of extra clutter because our apartment at the time just couldn't deal with it, and neither could I.
This time around, however, poor Baby Sayre just hasn't had much thought into her gear. She'll sleep in the pack'n'play in our room for a while. She's already got a huge wardrobe. And our infant carrier/carseat is just ready and waiting for a bit of cleaning and to be installed in the car. It all seems so much simpler this time. 
I'm sure nesting will kick in eventually, and I'll be washing entire loads of pink laundry and hanging pictures on the walls and who knows what all, but for now it feels like smooth sailing.
And that's a nice place to be. A calm place. A place where I can soak up Hattie's smiles and enjoy her last few months as an only child.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daily Thanksgivings & holding patterns

Being a plumber is a dirty job. It isn't a job I would want. But, boy, am I thankful for plumbers, without whom, we'd still be operating in a goofy holding pattern of not washing clothes or dishes or anything else water-related.
Thank you, LORD, for plumbers.

I'm also thankful to get the household more operational now. While I appreciated the quaintness of having a jug of water to cook with, I appreciate running water all the more.

Know what? I don't like holding patterns. I don't like waiting for some specific event to start living again. About three weeks before Hattie was born, I had had some contractions and my midwife seemed to think I might go into labor at any time...and those were some of the longest days ever. I needed some good sense knocked into me though (from Sister Debbie), and she said I NEEDED to be surprised if that baby arrived less than two weeks after my due date. That was enough to get me started living again. Hattie was born just three days after my due date, as it happened, the contractions from the weeks before subsided pretty quickly after my mental shift, and I'm so thankful for those who impart good wisdom to just keep living.
Sometimes I still get into waiting on X. Even if X is just a phone call or a decision made. But it's not worth it. You're not promised any days beyond this one, why waste what you do have waiting on what you might not have at all.

It's Christmastime. {I've let that slip from my mind while in my holding pattern}. It's time for cozy comfort food. Gingerbread houses. Stockings hung by the chimney with care. It's time for family and togetherness. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to wish it all away while I wait for X, Y, and Z to come to pass.
Besides, the temperature has dropped and the corners of the window panes are all fogged up, and that means it must be Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Going Green?

We're saving water. Reducing our 'footprint'.....

nah.....actually, we're just waiting on the plumber and have the water turned off outside.


Today marks my 25th week of pregnancy. :)


We built a gingerbread house last week. Er, Emery built it. I decorated it. And Hattie cried about wanting to eat the candy.


Happy Monday. Here's hoping you only have one Monday this week.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Granola Barge.

My husband and I appreciate a good pun. Last night, he said my homemade granola bars should called granola barge. He's right, and I laughed.
They are awfully thick and dense, but pretty tasty too.

We sold some furniture via Craigslist yesterday afternoon. Our first ever sale. It was pretty exciting and so easy. The buyers came and did all the heavy lifting, and they didn't even try to bargain with us over the price. That's what I'm talking about. Emery says I made 100% commission. But we all know that really means that the money will probably go towards something very practical and useful and isn't actually at all at my disposal. I don't mind though.

We decided recently that we'll be staying home for Christmas. Our home. Georgia and Kentucky are nice for certain, but there's something charming about being home for Christmas.  Who knows, maybe it will snow? It's only 70 degrees here today after all. ;)
"Must be nice in Vermont this time of year, all that snow."