Thursday, December 13, 2012

25.5 weeks pregnancy update

This pregnancy going by super fast it seems. At the OB's office today, the scheduling girl said, "Okay, we'll see you in two weeks". What! How can we already be to this point?! It seems like it should be another month at least before appointments are scheduled for every two weeks.
We did the one hour glucose test today. I managed to get away without it during Hattie's pregnancy (mostly because the office forgot the day I was supposed to do it, and then I switched to a midwife....and she, well, she wasn't the epitome of professionalism. Let's just say that). It wasn't that bad afterall, even though I was kind of nervous. I really don't want any other diagnoses on my chart other than pregnancy, if I can help it. I decided that if I ate enough protein before I took the test that would help my blood sugar regulate better, so Hattie and I had extra helpings of eggs and milk this morning.
{I just made up that theory, btw. It seems to work in the first trimester with nausea and all, so why not now when we're knocking on the door of the third?}
The nurse did come back and tell me anything was wrong, so I'm happy to assume my numbers came back in the normal range.

At my last OB visit, the sonogram showed placenta previa. Which translates to it's in the way of the birth canal and if it doesn't move, then we'll have to have a c-section. :( At the time they said they would rescan at 31weeks, but today they said they'd look again in two weeks, which only puts me at 27.5 weeks. I would prefer that we had those three-ish extra weeks to pray that placenta will move, but y'all join me now in praying hard it will get out of the way enough for us to be able to have a natural delivery.

Baby Sayre is an active little thing, and Hattie just loves to pat my belly and give little sister hugs and kisses.

It's kind of amazing the differences between Hattie's pregnancy and this one. Last time, I spent so much time dreaming and researching (everything!). Should we get a mini-crib, portable-crib, full-size, and/or a pack'n'play? What kind of car seat? (They ALL have mixed reviews) What about baby monitors? (Ask me if we've ever really used them. Nope.) Should we cloth diaper? (Bought some, used 'em occasionally. Actually, I really like Up and Up brand of disposable diapers at Target. Can't beat the price AND you don't have to wash them or scrape poo off. Win-win) What kind of bottles should we register for, just in case? (Breastflow. Hattie never learned to drink from them, but it was a comfort to have three or four bottles around)
I really got fixated on every little point because I wanted to get the best deal - you know me! - and I didn't want a whole lot of extra clutter because our apartment at the time just couldn't deal with it, and neither could I.
This time around, however, poor Baby Sayre just hasn't had much thought into her gear. She'll sleep in the pack'n'play in our room for a while. She's already got a huge wardrobe. And our infant carrier/carseat is just ready and waiting for a bit of cleaning and to be installed in the car. It all seems so much simpler this time. 
I'm sure nesting will kick in eventually, and I'll be washing entire loads of pink laundry and hanging pictures on the walls and who knows what all, but for now it feels like smooth sailing.
And that's a nice place to be. A calm place. A place where I can soak up Hattie's smiles and enjoy her last few months as an only child.

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing the other are we so far along in this pregnancy already!??! I'm thankful you passed your glucose test! We're still praying for a good report at your next ultrasound!