Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bread and butter

I've had bread and butter on my mind. Not just any loaf of sandwich bread, mind you. No, it had to be a round load of 'white mountain bread' from the bakery section. Don't ask me what makes it mountain bread because I haven't the foggiest, but ooh, slathered up with some good (kerrygold) butter. yummmo.
Whilst I was pregnant with Hattie, I learned that food cravings (during pregnancy) are often foods from our childhood. Fascinating, I know. And this white mountain bread falls into that very category. When I was 10-12, our church would pick up the out-of-date baked goods from a local grocery store on a given weekend each month. Then, that Sunday all the church members would take their pick of the breads and pastries. Sometimes, the french bread was hard enough to play baseball with and sometimes everything had been crushed terribly, but when the white mountain bread was to be had, oh, that was good eating. And there's something especially satisfying about ripping off a hunk of bread.
I haven't had any white mountain bread since, until today! It was just as delicious as I remembered and I wasn't even about to glance at the ingredients. {Cravings seem to put my conscience at ease more than anything else while grocery shopping. ha.}

We had a lovely Christmas. We kept things small, and did without a Christmas tree, but I liked it. I also liked that putting away all our Christmas decorations this morning was an easy endeavor. They all fit into a small-ish box anyway...except the outside lights, and those will just have to come down whenever Emery can make time for it.

Now, if we can just manage to remember that it's not Monday, we'll be doing alright.

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