Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daily Thanksgivings & holding patterns

Being a plumber is a dirty job. It isn't a job I would want. But, boy, am I thankful for plumbers, without whom, we'd still be operating in a goofy holding pattern of not washing clothes or dishes or anything else water-related.
Thank you, LORD, for plumbers.

I'm also thankful to get the household more operational now. While I appreciated the quaintness of having a jug of water to cook with, I appreciate running water all the more.

Know what? I don't like holding patterns. I don't like waiting for some specific event to start living again. About three weeks before Hattie was born, I had had some contractions and my midwife seemed to think I might go into labor at any time...and those were some of the longest days ever. I needed some good sense knocked into me though (from Sister Debbie), and she said I NEEDED to be surprised if that baby arrived less than two weeks after my due date. That was enough to get me started living again. Hattie was born just three days after my due date, as it happened, the contractions from the weeks before subsided pretty quickly after my mental shift, and I'm so thankful for those who impart good wisdom to just keep living.
Sometimes I still get into waiting on X. Even if X is just a phone call or a decision made. But it's not worth it. You're not promised any days beyond this one, why waste what you do have waiting on what you might not have at all.

It's Christmastime. {I've let that slip from my mind while in my holding pattern}. It's time for cozy comfort food. Gingerbread houses. Stockings hung by the chimney with care. It's time for family and togetherness. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to wish it all away while I wait for X, Y, and Z to come to pass.
Besides, the temperature has dropped and the corners of the window panes are all fogged up, and that means it must be Christmas.

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  1. I'm much the same way. I always have a deadline or a big question mark waiting to be answered. I'm thankful your plumbing is fixed and you can go on living in the 21st century! :)